The Power of Books

I must be in a nostalgic mood this week. I did a post on toys and games from my childhood on Sunday and today my mind has drifted back to books that I loved when I was little. I had many favorites throughout my childhood, but 3 specifically came to my mind today.


Frog and Toad were best friends and I enjoyed reading their stories over and over again.

If there were mishaps, it usually happened to Toad. Poor Toad! Their stories brought laughter, and you could also clearly see the strong friendship they had.

I still have these books and there was one chapter from this book called “The Letter”.  Toad was sad, for day after day he watched for the mail and day after day passed without him ever getting a letter. Frog got the clever idea to write him a letter. He wrote it and  gave it to the snail going down the road. He asked the snail to deliver it to Toad’s mailbox and the snail said he would.

Frog  then went to Toad’s house to watch out the window for the mail and Toad thought that was very strange of him. Toad told him how it was useless for he never gets any mail.  Four days later the snail finally arrived and Toad got his letter, which made him so very happy.

You can’t help but feel happy for Toad, can you!


This is a fun story about a witty mouse and how he outwits a weasel, who caught him, with the intention of making Mouse Soup to eat. I of course cheered on the little mouse. I re-read this story a lot  too. I may have known what was coming, but I still can remember how much I would laugh each time at the wit of the mouse.




Little Bear stories warmed my heart, for he was such a sweet little bear. He could be good at getting himself into trouble at times, but you always knew that he was very loved by his family.

It was fun thinking of the warm, happy feelings that these books brought back to me. It made me realize how memorable books really can be and how even simple stories can touch your heart and leave an impact.

I really intended this to be just a story of some  favorite books of mine when I was very little. I couldn’t help  but see some of the similarities though to “The Odessa Chronicles.”

I smile at how one of the earliest books that I loved to read was about friendship, the stories about Frog and Toad. That is a strong theme in “The Odessa Chronicles”. I laugh too at the wit behind “Mouse Soup” for  “The Odessa Chronicles” definitely has its share of wit in it.  Plus the “Little Bear” stories warmed my heart with love. and the characters from me and Colin’s book have totally filled my heart with love.

Not only do these books have similarities to the book Colin and I wrote, but they describe my life as well!

Love, Friendship and Wit are all strong threads that run through my life!

One just never knows how strongly we can be influenced by what we read, listen to, or see. What books do you remember reading when you were very young? Feel free to share below, would love to hear!



39 thoughts on “The Power of Books

  1. My first book, one I actually owned I got from a library sale. I no longer remember which of the Nancy Drew series it was, but I read them all. But my favorite children’s book was, and I think still is Charlotte’s Web.

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  2. My favorite childhood book was one I read at school, church, home, and everywhere else I went. I always carried it in my back pocket. It was a Beetle Bailey comic book. It’s probably one reason why I later joined the military.

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  3. My grand mother had an illustrated copy of St-Exupéry’s Little Prince, with the recording of it read by a famous French actor, on vinyl. I remember being such a small kid, when I started sitting in the livingroom, listening, and following in the book, that the headphones looked ridiculously big on my little tiny head 😛 But I would listen to the story again, and again and again… And I still have the book at home, and I dive into it every now and then 🙂

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        • Thanks Cyranny. Yes, it’s no problem you asking. He was 23 years old. He died of a massive heart attack. I know very young. He collapsed on the soccer field. He died doing something he loved.
          It turned out that he had VERY high cholesterol, his arteries were all clogged. Back in 1984 the Dr’s were just learning about the dangers of cholesterol. Turned out that we have a genetic problem with our liver in that it produces too much cholesterol. I am the only one in the family that somehow didn’t inherit it


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  5. Oh, so many books:

    Mary Poppins
    The Cat in the Hat
    Green Eggs & Ham
    Nancy Drew
    Raggedy Ann & Andy
    Old Yeller
    Charlotte’s Webb
    Peter Pan
    Robinson Crusoe
    Jungle Book

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