Suspense at the Sea

bb6a3c2b60cc9c5f60c95758664a0247 painting by Karen Hollingsworth (Pinterest)


She had collected all the books and was ready to delve into the research, but she was waiting for Kolby to show up. Where was he? What was taking him so long?  They had agreed to do their research in the morning while enjoying the nice ocean breeze and then take a break to stretch their muscles, while taking a walk along the ocean.

Tanya looked at her watch again, time kept passing, he was a half hour late now.  She would give him a call but her phone had died and she had forgotten her charger. Well, while she waited for him she may as well take a stroll along the beautiful sparkling water.

As she walked along the water she thought more about the research they were doing. They had been warned to not do it, but she thought those warnings were silly. Apparently there were rumors going around that the last detectives that had tried to solve the case vanished. It was like they disappeared right out of the blue, no traces had ever been found.

Tanya wasn’t one to be scared though, she figured they were just rumors and that there was no truth in them. She wasn’t afraid, she was  excited actually.   Kolby had called her last night with excitement in his voice.  He had found out something very big, something he thought would be a great breakthrough for them!

She checked her watch again. This was crazy, it wasn’t like him to be so late. He was usually very punctual. Perhaps he had come back already, maybe he was up in the room going through the books just waiting on her.

Tanya turned around and walked back to the house. She noticed the door was ajar, had she not closed it all the way when she left?  Maybe Kolby was here, she rushed in the door eager to hear what news he had to share with her.

“Hey Kolby, are you finally here? Did you sleep in this morning or something?” she called up the stairs. She reached the top of the stairs and turned the corner to go into the room.

“Kolby I ….” and the words died on her tongue, as her body froze.

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