Friendship Magic at Moonbeam Farm

Reading the “The Odessa Chronicles” had the feel of reading classic stories like Peter Rabbit. It is cute and gives a nice and comfortable feeling.” 

The above quote came  from someone who had just recently purchased a copy of  “The Odessa Chronicles” and she was sending me a message to let me know what she thought of it.  Reading her words warmed my heart.

There also was the time that an older lady, who I knew, came up to me with sparkles in her eyes. She proceeded to tell me how she had finished reading “The Odessa Chronicles” and she “absolutely loved” it!  She went on to talk about the characters as she gave a little laugh telling me how much fun they were.

This was a lady who I knew as being more reserved and quiet. As much as her words gave me joy, it was seeing the shine in her face and  hearing her excitement that really touched my heart.

It’s moments like these that continue to fill my heart with awe. I feel so thankful for the smiles that me and Colin’s book,  “The Odessa Chronicles” is bringing to the young and old!

I can’t stop smiling at how due to a friendship made with fellow blogger, Colin, that I was inspired to write a fun story about a cat named Dewey and his man-servant. How that one story led to another, which then led to Colin adding his magic, and collaborating on more stories. The more stories being written led to the idea of creating a book, which then led to “The Odessa Chronicles” being published!

One just never knows what surprises can happen!

Would you like to go to a place where friendship, love and laughter abound? Do you need a smile and relaxing break from the stresses of life?  In the pages of “The Odessa Chronicles”, meet Dewey, a  mischievous cat who always thinks of his stomach; Odessa, a  witty Barn Owl, who is very outspoken; Jaxon, an easygoing Jackalope that has magical powers; and the fun Man-servant who has a big heart and loves having Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon living at Moonbeam Farm with him.

Take a journey to Moonbeam Farm and share in the fun adventures that these crazy friends have together! In taking a peek into their lives your heart will be filled with laughter and with the warmth of friendship. You may even shed a tear at some of the more touching moments shared by our 4 friends.

For more information on “The Odessa Chronicles” and how you can order it, you can click on the picture of the book cover in the right hand margin.

If you have any other questions about the fun-loving characters in our book, or questions about the writing process, etc. feel free to ask in the comments below!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and let your friends know how much they mean to you! As our beloved characters on Moonbeam Farm  would attest to, friendships can come in a surprising way and be an amazing blessing!




16 thoughts on “Friendship Magic at Moonbeam Farm

  1. What a wonderful endorsement of our book!

    I can just imagine Joshua (man-servant) buying a farm out in the country so that he can live his retirement dream of peace and tranquility, and finding out the farm already has some odd characters living there! I can just imagine his face when he realizes that those odd characters can understand what he says and, just as surprising, he can understand them!

    It was a fun book to put together, and it is so heartwarming to hear such feedback. 🙂

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    • Heartwarming indeed, and yes it was quite fun!

      I can imagine Joshua’s face as well. Poor guy, he was quite shocked at what awaited him at the Farm! Life as he knew it would never be the same! He now was responsible to attend to all of Dewey’s needs and desires, for he is a special cat. He also has Odessa doing her best to teach him what he needs to know about language skills! And then there is Jaxon, whose magic skills he has to watch out for. Life definitely isn’t dull at Moonbeam Farm.

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    • P.S. Not only did Joshua have to deal with Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon as they all got used to each others quirks and mannerisms, but he also had to deal with his farm gate getting broken by a runaway car! One never knows what may happen at the Farm.

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