Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! March is here. Spring is coming, even though we just got around 4 inches of snow over the weekend. The sun was already melting it away yesterday. A possibility of more snow coming later this week. This seems to always happen in March, its like Winter has been sleeping and it all of a sudden realizes that its soon done and going to be kicked out by Spring! So it tries to get in as much as it can before its time to leave.

I woke up this morning thinking of the dream I had.  We had 4 kittens. My husband had rescued them from the shelter and they were so very cute! They were gray and orange. I don’t see that happening, not because we don’t want to rescue animals, but we have 2 dogs and 3 ferrets already. I will just keep thinking of them and snuggling them in my dream for now. Now onto the quotes, enjoy and snuggle up with a dog or cat today. Animals are so special!


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46 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. This line of sayings ties in nicely with Tippy’s stolen quote by Chief Joseph, Nez Perce leader which also addressed open hearts. Plus you mentioned Unicorns in the kitchen.

    Are you trying to get on Tippy’s good side?
    To get him to stop his campaign against coffee?

    Kittens rock!

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  2. It would seem that Punxsutawney Phil misled us with his prediction of an early Spring. Of course human error, being what it is, could have played a part in this too. Perhaps, the President of the Inner Circle got his ancient wood cane wet and misinterpreted Phil’s Groundhogese. Then again, my Gram always said that groundhogs were only good for mischief. On the other hand, Jill of Filosofa’s Word had some disturbing news concerning Phil in her post on March 3rd…but I’ll never believe it! But, I digress and must get to the matter at hand. It is possible that the life in my years, as opposed to the many years in my life, makes # 10 my favorite for today’s Tuesday’s Thoughts. Please excuse me as I must go feed my aged, though of many less years than their human companion, “kittens”! Thank-you!

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  3. All excellent quotes … I can’t choose a favourite this time! But I do love the pics with the kitties in them … we have six … all rescue kitties, and at one time had as many as ten. They are a pain most days, but they are not pets, they are family members who just happen to walk on all fours and have fur! 😉

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      • Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! We will soon be down to five, and that is, perhaps, a manageable number for a change! No more! Well, in truth, if we found one abandoned, we would certainly bring it into the family fold. But, being rescue kitties, most have physical and/or emotional issues, and I swear that somedays it is like working in an asylum! I have battle scars to prove it! 😉 So, you dream about nice things like lying on the beach in the sun and ocean breeze! 😀

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