Seeking Freedom

What would you do if you were on a boat, traveling far away from your homeland to a place where you have never been before? This isn’t no grand sightseeing adventure though. As the boat drifts away into the ocean and you see your homeland fade into the distance, your heart sighs. It feels a mixture of so many emotions, as you realize that you may never see your homeland again.

This isn’t from a fictional tale in a book, its from a true story. A story that happened many years ago! The fact that its from a true story makes it all the more heartbreaking.  Its a true story about a large group of Jews right before WW2  broke out. Its a story of doing all that you can to try to survive. A story where more than 900 brave Jews got on the S.S. St.Louis ocean liner  to escape concentration camps and to flee to a Cuba, where they planned on finding refuge.

I did not read the book, but I watched the movie. It is called ,”Voyage of the Dammed”, it was recommended to me by my friend Colin. He has great knowledge about music, movies, and the list goes on. 🙂

The movie was powerful as I tried to relate to how those passengers must have felt. To be forced to flee your homeland because of nothing more than just being who you are! I just can’t imagine. That time in history was such a horribly tragic time.

I don’t want to give the movie away about what happens so I am not going to say more about it. I do believe your heart will be very touched if you choose to watch it.

After watching it I was sadly thinking about how prejudice against race, faith, sexual orientation, etc. continues today. I know I did a post not that long ago on racism and now here is another one. I feel that right now in these times, we need to hear the message all we can! My heart wonders why we haven’t we learned from our tragic past??

Our Country can’t continue becoming more and more divided and this goes beyond our Country, prejudice is sadly all around the world.

All we can do is keep spreading the message that we all have something to contribute to this world and when we accept each other for who we are, it really can be a Wonderful World!



13 thoughts on “Seeking Freedom

  1. My Dream:

    I dream of a day
    When we’ll all be friends.
    I dream, as I look at the stars,
    That the world will see
    Being valued and free
    Is far better… than destruction and war.
    I dream of a day
    When my friends are yours.
    Although from quite different lands.
    That you understand
    All colors and beliefs
    Can live in peace. Can hold hands.
    I dream of a day,
    Hopefully not far away,
    When compassion wins in the end.
    We’re all human after all.
    We all stumble and fall
    So let’s help each other up… and be friends.
    I dream of a day
    When the killing has stopped,
    And peace prevails at last.
    Borders are open.
    Old vendettas are forgotten.
    Past beliefs… will stay in the past.
    I dream of a day…
    But it is only a dream,
    So many people will say.
    Perhaps I am delusional?
    Perhaps I am just a dreamer,
    But to survive, we must find a way.
    To break down barriers,
    And to live together in peace.
    It will be a challenge for some,
    But why must we label
    Our different neighbors?
    Why can’t we become as one?
    We all want respect.
    We all want freedom.
    Let’s open our eyes and see,
    That we really do all want the same.
    It’s really not complicated.
    It’s peace… for you… and for me!
    I dream of a day
    When world peace is achieved,
    And when the pen is the only weapon.
    There will be universal love
    And… to the power above I’ll say
    “Thank you. Our Earth has now become Heaven.”

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  2. I’ve heard of this story, myself. It’s a tragic tale. If we had allowed them in, they would have been very motivated immigrants, and grateful to our country. I think they would have been more loyal patriots than many natural-born citizens, due to our benevolence at letting them in. But instead we turned them away and missed an opportunity. Much like the opportunities I think we miss these days, when it comes to immigration.

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  3. I was so surprised to read the title of this movie in your post, I have never seen it. I do, however, have the book and I had to go and find it in my jam packed bookcase to check the full title and when my copy was published. I knew it was decades ago, but my copy might be an original as it is from January of 1974. The full title on the cover reads : Voyage of the Damned : A Shocking True Story of Hope, Betrayal, and Nazi Terror by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts. Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze and confound me. I know what book I will be rereading very soon! I may at some point afterward watch the movie to see how closely it follows the book. Thank-you!

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    • I know what you mean about being confounded by man’s inhumanity!! Glad I could bring the book back to your mind again. Will be interested if you decide to watch the movie to see how closely it follows the book!
      I know it can be hard when it comes to movies and books. I have been disappointed several times before.


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