Poetry of the Heart

d1c5f08b90f6db6e245cfd2e9397e253 (image from Pinterest)


She rested her head against the bark of the tree. How many times had she been here before? She traced the hearts on the tree with her fingers, as her own heart was breaking inside of her. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She used to  have a heart full of joy when she came to this tree, but things now have changed.

Her chest was tight, was she breathing, for she didn’t feel alive. Her love was gone, and she was left behind.

Oh, the precious  memories that were embedded in her heart. Memories of happy days when the sun was shining and they felt as if nothing could stop them. They lied flat on their backs  watching the clouds in the azure blue sky. Feeling carefree and imagining what all they could see in the sky and where their dreams would carry them.

Times of sitting under the tree with his arm around her shoulder drawing her close as he recited poetry. Poetry that stirred her heart with feelings she had never known existed. Words he had written that were only meant for her and ones that set her heart aflame.

Times when the day would get away from them and darkness would fall. The night sounds of the woods would come alive while she laid her head in his lap feeling so contented. Feeling as if time had stopped for just them while they gazed at the shining stars.

“Make a wish upon a star!” he would say as he smiled down at her.

Once more she laid her head against the tree with her love’s words echoing through her mind.

She thought of how there was only one wish that she wanted. Only one wish that would make her heart soar with joy. Sighing, she wistfully traced the hearts with her finger and then slouched down to the ground with her back against the tree. The night would fall, and like so many nights before,  she would once again make her wish upon a shooting star.


36 thoughts on “Poetry of the Heart

  1. Okay, my guess is she’s wishing she hadn’t told him about her other boyfriend, which then led to him break up with her. And she’s wishing she hadn’t told her other boyfriend about the breakup, which led him to also break up with her. Sometimes it’s just best to keep a secret.

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  2. This is beautiful and full of emotion. I can very much feel her grief and lonileness. A longing for what was. At first I thought he broke her heart. Then I thought he died. But at the end I got the feeling that he was lost. Alive but unable to come home. Maybe wounded in battle or ill. Perhaps, stuck somewhere. But she has no idea where he is, and that I think hurts more than if he had ‘spurned’ her or been dead; she doesn’t know he’s safe or anything. Beautiful picture choice.

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