Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining as the temperature drops. Calling for snow and sleet starting tonight and through tomorrow. At first they were saying they didn’t expect much accumulation, now they are saying 8 inches possible of snow! I guess we will wait and see what happens, don’t have much other choice. Right now I am just enjoying the sun shining through the window. Makes me feel bright, and I hope these quotes make you feel bright inside as well! Have a wonderful day!


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43 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Of course, they’re all good, but my favorite is #9 – about the kaleidoscope. It’s spot on, yet I would never have equated the beauty of that view in regards to life. I’ve always loved kaleidoscopes; I own a wooden one my brother made.

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  2. They’re forecasting snow and sleet here too, but my husband said he will stop and get groceries for tomorrow’s dinner on the way home from his evening workout, so all is well. πŸ™‚

    Very good quotes today, and it’s hard to choose just one, but I will go with #8 because I could use more practice in letting things go and moving on, rather than getting stuck feeling sad. Especially in the winter, not being outdoors in the fresh air as often, it seems like those blah feelings tend to stagnate.

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  3. I’m choosing #7, mostly because I am such a fan of her movies. Tracy and Hepburn, I love them! Not to be missed, however, is “The Lion in Winter” from 1968 with Peter O’Toole. Katherine Hepburn was always comfortable being who she was, just as she was, without excuses or explanations. I’ve always liked this quote : “If you always do what pleases you, at least one person is pleased.” Thank-you!

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