Make A Difference!

After last night’s more serious post, there was a song that came to my mind, that I wanted to share with all of you. I can’t help but smile when I listen to this song and watch the video. I think it spreads a great message! It is a song by Chris De Burgh, I have really been enjoying his music thanks to a friend who brought his music to my attention.

The song is called “Read My Name”. It’s talking about making a difference in the world and how every child is special! Its not your color, or your background that makes you special, its just YOU simply being YOU! There  is no one else exactly like you and that is  something to celebrate. We may not all end up making big names for ourselves, becoming famous and known world wide, but there is still so much difference that we can make in the lives of others! We can make a difference every day just by spreading kindness, joy and love!  I love the smiles in the faces of these children on this video clip,  you can feel their joy for life.

Why as adults does it seem that the unbridled joy we had when we were young becomes more contained? More pushed down inside of us. We get weighed down with problems and forget how we still have an inner child that wants let out. An inner child that has unbridled joy and wants to let it go and make others smile!  We still need to keep our candle burning and let our light shine, lighting up the darkness!

Let the joy spread in your heart today, let it be contagious!

I hope you enjoy this song. I was introduced to Chris De Burgh’s music by a friend and I am so glad that I was, for I have been enjoying his music very much!














24 thoughts on “Make A Difference!

  1. Nice melody. I’m going to call this the “Read My Lips” song. And how I wish I could read lips, because the lyrics in most of the music I hear is practically indecipherable. They overwhelm the voice, with instruments, or the singer just seems to slur. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe my hearing is going out.

    But I did understand them singing, “Read My Lips.” And it was kind of catchy. Now I have an earworm.

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    • It is a catchy melody, was going through my mind the rest of the mornimg! 🙂
      I will post the lyrics for you. I know that feeling very well! Hearing aids solved it for me! I fought getting them for awhile for I was thinking that I was too young for them BUT as I got wiser I realized that if you need them you need them and I did. They have made a big difference for I can’t read lips either! 🙂

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    • For every child that has been born there is a chance to shine,
      And everyone can have a dream until the end of time,
      So live for every moment as the world keeps turning round,
      And lift your hands up to the sky and say it loud and proud,
      “I have been here, read my name, read my name!”

      For every child that has been born there is a chance in life,
      To try it all and be someone with what we have inside,
      So don’t give up and don’t give in, just give it all instead,
      And raise your voice above the crowd and let them know
      You’ve said “I have been here, read my name, read my name,
      With all I’ve got I’ve taken part, I’ve made a difference
      To the world, I have been here, just read my name!”

      Endlessly amazing and inventive that we are, we dive the
      Deepest oceans and we reach out for the stars,
      And one day there will be a man across the universe,
      Who’ll say “I come from Planet Earth” and these will
      Be his words “I have been here, read my name, read my name,
      With all I’ve got I’ve taken part, I’ve made a
      Difference to the world, I have been here, just read my name!”

      And when the darkness has to fall and comes the end of days,
      Then lift your hands up to the sky and say it
      Once again, “I have been here and I have taken part,
      I’ve made a difference to the world, I have been here,
      Just read my name!”
      “I have been here, just read my name,
      I’ve taken part, reach for the stars,
      Across the universe, we come from Planet Earth.”
      Songwriters: Chris De Burgh

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  2. Today as we are celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day, it behooves each of us to make a difference by showing kindness to each and every person we meet. I love this Chris de Burgh song from the “Road to Freedom” album from the early 2000’s. I have the special edition that has 4 bonus songs that are lovely. I first heard of Chris back in 1983 after some of my siblings returned from a trip to Ireland, where they saw him perform many of the latest releases from “The Getaway” album of Dec.1982. They were hooked on “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” and managed to hook most of the other siblings and friends on de Burgh too. They were visiting relatives in Dunncannon and were able to see the nearby Bargy Castle that his family owns. I think most Americans, if they know him at all, equate him with “The Lady in Red” from the mid 1980’s. Thank-you for reminding me of this beautiful song and album, I must play it today! P.S. It may be just me, but I rather believe that Tippy Gnu “chose” to hear “Read My Lips”…you have to love his sense of humor!

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    • Well what an appropriate day for this post, wish I could say I knew that and planned it but Nope. 🙂 But thanks for letting me know.
      I was introduced to Chris’s music by Colin’s Saturday music posts. He had posted his “Up Here in Heaven” song and I liked it so much I had to check out his other music. Like you mentioned I was very familiar with the “Lady in Red” song, loved it in High school, but I hadn’t realized he was the one who did it! 🙂
      Oh yes Sir Tippy has quite the humor! LOL!


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