Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Complicated : Rolling your eyes at someone’s wit, while at the same time fighting the urge not to laugh!

Hypnotized : When you look into your pet’s deep eyes, their spell of love has been cast. 

Birthdays: Happy Birthday Sherry, my dear friend, thanks for keeping my sanity as intact as possible over the past  years! Hammer proof birthday brownies are in the oven just for you. 🙂


24 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • OH you are right there. I only fight the urge to laugh when you know the person is either standing in front of you with a smirk on their face or behind the computer screen with a smirk about the comment they made directed towards you. When you want to roll your eyes and stick out your tongue, but you have to laugh because the comment was actually funny! See the complexity involved! 🙂


  1. What’s difficult is when a kindergarten or 1st grade student says something so seriously and the thing they said is adorably funny and you don’t have to hurt their feelings by laughing ..or they say something funny and you can’t laugh and encourage what they are saying or doing in the class Beck you need to maintain order, but all the while you’re dying from laughter on the inside.🤪😉😂

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