Impossible? No!

There are movies that entertain and make us laugh. Then there are the movies that touch our hearts and may make us cry.

Recently there was a movie recommended to me by a friend and I found some time to watch it today. I am  so glad that I did! The movie was inspiring and it warmed my heart. One of those movies where after its done you just sit there being in awe of the story that you just watched. A movie that really does fill your heart with happiness .

It was an older movie, set back in the 1930’s. I probably wouldn’t have known about it if it wouldn’t have been for my friend.  So many thanks, Colin!

Thinking that there may be some other people out there like me who had never heard of it I thought I would share a little more about it.  I  highly encourage you to watch it so that your heart can be blessed like mine.

Ingrid Bergman stars in it as she plays the role of  an English lady, Gladys Aylward. “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”, is based on her true story.  Gladys feels called to China to be a missionary but is turned down, saying she isn’t qualified. She could have given up on her belief that she felt called to China, given in to the ones who told her it was impossible and not safe to go, but she didn’t.

She was determined and because of her faith and determination she did make it to China.  She made it there with money that she saved working as a maid. It took time to save that money, but that didn’t stop her.

While in China she gained the love and respect of the people there. Even the respect of the leader of the village she lived in.  He enlisted her help to help stop the the ancient custom of foot binding in the village. Gladys had a heart of compassion and you could see that in her life.  She was enjoying life in China until trouble came due to the Japanese invading. Gladys then is faced with another challenge. She is faced with the task of embarking  on a dangerous journey to help save the lives of a large group of orphans. It looks impossible, but Gladys doesn’t know the meaning of that word.

This movie shows us to not give up just because you may be told that it is impossible! When you have faith and an irrepressible spirit, you never know what may happen!




20 thoughts on “Impossible? No!

  1. A lovely summary is the movie. I have watched it. And it has many similarities to real life stories of missionaries in Asia. My maternal grandmother had bound feet and I have personally witnessed how horrible this practice is. I always enjoy your summaries you capture the essence of the movie so well.

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  2. I loved this film, and still cry. Gladys Aylward, a woman who ‘wasn’t qualified’ to be a missionary and put TPTB to shame with her determination. One of Ingrid Bergman’s finest films. “This old man……..” I can hear them singing………. Wonderful.

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