Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I was informed by a dear reader yesterday that today was National Puzzle Day, so if you enjoy doing puzzles, today is the day to do them!  We have a puzzle that needs done, so perhaps tonight we will do that. I love how puzzles look when they are completed, but I will admit that I am not the most patient person in trying to work on one.  Life is a puzzle often and I have about as much luck sometimes trying to figure it out, as I do with puzzles.  Like a puzzle though, life can paint a beautiful picture! If your puzzle piece isn’t fitting in right today and you can’t find the other piece, don’t give up, keep trying, a beautiful picture is just waiting to be formed.


1. 47da9b45ccd3c705bc30dd90b87fc84b

2. 5d8a4ac81d0c4c241df63e7e1131bcab

3.  b6142ea924f7285c2d18d2c8cbb7848f

4,  8d27a79d17989ff8d643d0ee97128640

5. 941b2c577cd60cb827b16f3ed3068c89

6, 8727fcaeb7ca8614558dee0d2edfe3c0

7. b5992ca067de4923b25dde079e20bf2d

8. 7e658d81b3bb6081372e2053426a1648

9. 6339a82efa39a09eb867c98ddd0e18e5

10. 31b85c1b00401824bc10ddffbb4c6756

29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. You have to love Winnie Pooh, but there is great wisdom in Number 2. Basically, that we all “have to do the hike” or struggle/go through life, it’s how we react to this singing or complaining etc that makes all the difference in life, in our quality of life. Thanks for these I loved them 🙂

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  2. And I bet I can guess just which reader informed you of National Puzzle Day … a little guy about 3 feet tall with the most charming smile? The same one whose Gem informed me of it last week, I’m betting.

    My faves are #5, #7, #8 … Hugs!

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