Odessa’s Note


HI everyone! Odessa here. I thought you all may like to hear from a new voice, instead of hearing Carolyn ramble on like she can do at times.  I think she will be most grateful to me when she finds out that I gave her a break, by writing her post today.  I am always glad to help! Trust me,  with the crazy friends that I live with, I am very used to having to help them out! Though sometimes the “man-servant” is even beyond my expert help! He definitely needed help making snowballs that one snowy day that we had. Oh, that is quite a funny memory that I won’t forget.

Yes, my friends may be crazy, but that is OKAY!  For I will admit to all of you that I would be lost without my best friends. Even without “that cat!” , Dewey, he can be a handful, always thinking about his stomach. He was in quite a stew that one day when he couldn’t get his food and the man-servant and I were on the tractor and…. Oh I better not give too much of the story away.  Then there was the day that I tried to teach him  some manners. Have you ever tried to teach a cat manners? It can be quite the experience indeed!

Jaxon, our one and only Jackalope friend,  is pretty easy to get along with, but oh he can stir up mischief with his magic!  There was that time with the boat and the time that he thought he could make Dewey fly, and … I think I probably said enough for now. Did I peak your curiosity ?

All of those stories and more about the adventures of me and my friends are in our book.  The book has the most beautiful cover on it, in my humble opinion!  It’s  called “The Odessa Chronicles.”  Hmm… A beautiful name too.  You can click on the picture of it in the right hand margin to get more information.

Now for something important, from what I have observed of the human species, you all can use some help! So heed the advice of an Owl. We really do know what we are talking about.

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Now for just one more thing. I have a little quiz for you to take. Its simple, really, even if you haven’t read our book I bet you still can figure out the answers! Have fun!

  1. Who is the best looking character?
  2.  Who is the wisest character?

Told you it was simple! 🙂

I am going to take a nap now, for it was a long night that I spent out. Take Care and nice chatting! Bye for now





12 thoughts on “Odessa’s Note

  1. Benjamin said : “Odessa might think that she is the best looking and very smart, but everybody knows that it’s really Jaxon the Jackalope!” But, he also says : “Don’t tell her cause she will be so sad.” Might I suggest that you do not let Odessa read this comment, it is an ego killer! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • P.S. I do know a bit about ego killing, as I said on Friday’s Super Short Stories. I managed to boost it this morning when Benjamin and I made sugar cookies in the shape of puzzle pieces, without burning a single one! Tomorrow is National Puzzle Day, but we had to celebrate it a day early this year. Don’t forget to celebrate tomorrow!

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