Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes it only takes some little words to make you feel 10 feet tall!

Salt and Sugar look alike, but only one makes cookies sweet. Don’t be fooled by what your eyes see. Things may look alike, but oh how so very different they can be!

Gems give out a radiant shine, but the brightest light for other to see, should come straight from the heart!

17 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I LOVE this! The dead branch I see in front of my writing window looks lifeless and lonely, but inside, it’s full of creating magic for the months to come with its “Mother” tree. (You inspired me to write this, after reading your sugar/salt and gem analogy. πŸ™‚


  2. Yesterday was pretty much an “All About Benjamin Day”! So, once again this becomes a Satfriurday’s Super Short Stories for me. Lest my propensity for loquacity takes hold, I will attempt to follow your lead and keep it short. On the first story : “Benjaminism’s” never fail to make me smile and feel 10 feet tall. On the second story : It doesn’t really matter if you add salt or sugar to your cookies, if you burn them while baking. Our baking adventure yesterday went awry by my burning of the cookies, not once but twice. Rather sadly, Benjamin said to me : “Gem, maybe we should just buy them at the store.” Okay, so I didn’t feel so tall…but his wisdom is indisputable. On the third : This Gem may not shine on the outside, but the heart keeps trying! Thank-you!


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