“The Lucky Eagle” Part 2

If you missed yesterday’s post which was Part 1 of Jinx and Jangle’s adventure then here is a link to it. “The Lucky Eagle”

The Lucky Eagle (Part 2)

Jinx thought surely he had lost his mind, and he actually was very close to that happening as he stared into the eyes of a dragon! It was smaller than most dragons, but it was still a dragon.

The dragon reared back its head with its mouth open and all 3 elves were sure that they were going to be vaporized within minutes, as they closed their eyes and scrunched up their faces.

They waited … nothing happened …. was the dragon still there? They were afraid to open their eyes to check. A few more minutes passed and there was only silence, the roaring of the dragon had ceased. The roaring may have ceased but Jangle could still feel his heart pounding in his ears.

“Jinx! Is the dra…dra..dragon still there?”  questioned Jangle.

“I have no idea! Why don’t you open your eyes and look?”

“I believe our fearless Captain Snowball should be the first to look, open your eyes Snowball.” said Jangle.

Snowball wasn’t so sure about that, he thought he did detect the sound of the dragon breathing.

“Let’s all open our eyes on the count of three, Okay!” said Snowball, and they all agreed.

“1 – 2 – 2 and 1/4 – 2 and 1/2 – 2 and 3/4  and 3!!!”

They all opened their eyes and gasped in fear at first as they did indeed still see the dragon, but then their faces registered confusion for the dragon was sitting down and …

“Is the dragon crying? Are those tears coming down his face?”  questioned Jinx in shock.

“What do we do?” Snowball asked?  ” I never saw dragon tears before?”

Jangle decided he would be the brave one.  He walked up to the dragon and laid a hand very timidly on his head.

“My friends and I would like to help you if we could, why are you crying?”  asked Jangle.

The dragon lifted his head and replied, “Everyone is always scared of me, when I saw you guys cower in fear and close your eyes, I was afraid that you would run off and I would be all lonely again.”

Now Jinx and Snowball came closer and they each touched the dragon’s head too.

“Well, we were very scared at first for all the dragons we ever heard of were fire breathing dragons and your roar was so loud!” said Jinx.

“I didn’t mean to scare you all, I was just so excited to see people. I have been alone on this island for quite awhile. In fact how did you get here, for this is a very remote island. I am surprised you found it!”

Jinx clapped his hand on Snowball’s shoulder and said, “Our wonderful Captain was the one to steer us here. Apparently he did know the right direction to go in!”

Snowball gave a sheepish smile at Jinx’s words as they all continued talking and getting to know each other. They had quite a wonderful time.  It was fun to realize that they didn’t need to be scared of the dragon, that yes he was different from them, but he was so very friendly. All they had to do was take the time to sit down and talk to him.

They found out that their dragon friend had a very deep laugh!  He got a big laugh out of Jinx getting soaked by a huge wave just as he was about to grab a fish from the sea.

“Well guys we better get going, we want to get back to the North Pole before it gets dark,” said Snowball.

They all agreed and were very excited.  This trip definitely had turned into a much bigger adventure than they had planned! They couldn’t wait to see how surprised everyone would be when they got back to the North Pole. Back to the North Pole with their new friend.

“All aboard!” cried the dragon.

Jangle, Jinx and Snowball climbed up the dragon’s back and hung on tight,  for what was sure to be one amazing ride through the azure blue sky.

35 thoughts on ““The Lucky Eagle” Part 2

  1. A flying dragon, how perfectly fantabulous! I have to say that this is perhaps the best ever adventure that Jinx and Jangle have experienced, including Snowball just tripled the fun! Of course, Benjamin has yet to hear and pass judgement on this tale. Tomorrow looms on the horizon, be prepared. A thought had occurred to me last night after my last comment on Part 1. Should you in your infinite wisdom decide that Jinx and Jangle are indeed the previously unknown twins, Benjamin’s “My Jodi” would only need to paint one elf instead of two! Perhaps a slight difference, that explains the long time their “twinship” went undiscovered by all (Santa’s secret)…one has brown eyes, the other has emerald-blue, almost identical, but fraternal twins. Easily accomplished with a swish of Jodi’s magic paintbrush! Is this not a scathingly brilliant plan? Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ellen thank you for your sweet words, so glad you enjoyed it and anxious to hear Benjamin’s verdict. See if he agrees with his Gem 🙂
      You are quite clever thinking of a way to make less work for Jodi and finding a way to throw “emerald blue” into your comments. 🙂


      • I just knew that you would appreciate the merits of my scathingly brilliant plan! The idea of dear Jodi’s painting one elf came to me last night. The idea of different colored eyes came to me when I read about the azure blue sky above. I cannot quite recall where the “emerald-blue” came from, surprising as I pride myself on a mostly excellent memory…any ideas? It also occurred to me that mayhaps I could supply a few possible storylines for the uncovering of Jinx and Jangle’s twinship. Try this…soon after birth, one is snatched away by a childless elf, who loves him dearly and raises him as her own, though never divulging the truth of his birth. Too deep for children? Okay, how about this…soon after birth one falls out of the cradle and is rescued from the ground by a flying dragon, then taken to and raised by another elf? Perhaps, it would be best to leave it up to your discretion. It is late and 5 AM comes early, so…God Bless You and Good Night!

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        • Love your creative ideas, I will have to think about them and see what happens! 🙂 Thank you!
          I laughed as I read that you don’t remember where “emerald blue” came from! You will be glad to know that I literally just posted a link underneath Tippy’s comment, before I read your comment. It is a link to the post that has the memorable “emerald blue” line in it. 🙂 Not sure if anyone remembered my actual post, but that line I think will be forever stuck in blog history! 🙂


      • I was just “funning” you! While I’ve indisputably moved into my vintage years, my mind is a steel trap, albeit with maybe a wee crack or two. However, the momentous occasion marking the origin of this splendiferous color is forever etched into my memory! Here’s to Emerald-Blue, may she shine her light on the color spectrum forever! Thank-you!

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  2. ” A dragon, awesome! Miss Joyroses, this is the bestest Jinx and Jangle story ever, two thumbs up!” I wish that you could have seen his face as he listened to this story, his expressions were priceless, “poor dragon is so lonely, he needs friends.” He was very happy that “now Snowball is a hero for finding the sad dragon”. He knew, even before I read it to him, that the “dragon will fly them back to the North Pole”! I must admit that I altered one tiny bit of the story at the very end…’through the emerald-blue sky’. I couldn’t resist! Benjamin does pose a good question for you : “Doesn’t the dragon have a name?” Thank-you for our delightfully shared storytime!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww!! This made me smile so big. Love hearing Benjamin’s reactions. So very glad that he loved it so much!!
      How smart of him to have already figured out that the dragon would fly them back before it happened.
      Hahaha about your alteration to the story! Shaking my head. 🙂
      Hmmm….a name! That is a very good question. How would Benjamin like to pick the dragon’s name? 🙂 For yes if he is going to appear in future stories he needs a name.


      • Benjamin was prepared with a name, even as he posed the question! Not unsurprisingly, it is “Dinosauris the Dragon, cause dragons and dinosaurs sometimes look alike!” He has a valid point, as several of his multitude of toy dinosaurs do closely resemble a dragon. Ever the diplomat, Benjamin said : “Tell Miss Joyroses that I will not be too sad if she doesn’t like it.” He is Gem’s little gem! Thank-you x 2!!


  3. Benjamin is doing his “happy dance” and that is quite the sight to behold! He has achieved the zenith of his day for two special reasons and I’ll let him tell you why : “I get a gold star cause Miss Joyroses thinks Dinosauris is the bestest name too and Mr. Colin sent me my own letter!” Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh how cool! I can just imagine him dancing with delight! Can’t wait to put Dinosarius in another story.
      How kind of Mr.Colin to send sweet Benjamin a card. A smile in the mailbox for sure! 🙂


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