The Friendship Adventure

There is a wonderful reward to blogging that has been mentioned by many, but I will say it again. It is the friendships that come out out of it! How you can connect with others whose face you may not see. I have enjoyed so much getting to know people from around the world!

What does this little introduction have to do with my adventure yesterday that I promised to tell you all about?  Here is a clue.


This is  lovely Gina, from the “Singledust” blog.

She lives in Malaysia, but no, my husband and I did not hop a plane to Malaysia yesterday! Now if we would have had a spaceship where we could have just zoomed across the sky at high power than perhaps that would have been possible.

I met Gina on here over a year ago and was drawn to her sweet nature, her gentleness just came through in her writing and her positive spirit. Even though she had been through much loss, her joyful outlook on life inspired me. It was fun to chat together through our blogs and through emails. I never dreamed that I would actually get to meet her, for Malaysia is just a tad far away.

Well earlier this month she had told me in an email how she was coming to America to visit her sister and that she was also going to Washington D.C. When I heard that my heart jumped, we are only about 2 hours drive from D.C., we wouldn’t need a spaceship or a plane to get there! All I needed was a willing and capable driver, for I do not like city driving, especially in a city like D.C. My dear husband was more than happy to be my chauffeur, after all he wanted to make sure I got there safely. As well as him knowing what this visit meant to me.

We had planned on meeting for lunch at Mama Ayesha’s restaurant. When I walked in our eyes met and she quickly stood up to embrace me a warm hug. It felt so good and we just were in awe that we really were sitting at a table talking. That we weren’t  behind a computer screen.

My husband soon came to join us, he had dropped me off and went to try to find a parking space which ended up being a couple blocks away.  He  had to walk in the cold, windy  weather but he of course was smiling when he came in.

The food was delicious and the conversation was great, as we shared about ourselves with each other and talked about our different cultures. Gina also surprised us with gifts from Malayasia.


A beautiful table scarf or can be hung on the wall, a fan made from the bark of one of their native trees which she gave me the name of, but I can’t remember. I should have written it down. Also one of their special lanterns that they use, plus a keychain of one of their exotic birds and she gave my husband a special key chain as well . She also included special pencils as she told me to keep writing.  Her thoughtfulness touched our hearts.

We weren’t ready to leave after lunch, so we looked around for things to do. Unfortunately with the government shutdown a lot of places were closed, like the Smithsonian.  We did find that the Shakespeare Library museum was open and it was very interesting.  It holds the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s writings. Any Shakespeare fans out there?  I was one of the few who really enjoyed Shakespeare in High School when we studied his plays.

It did not just have to do with Shakespeare though. It  also had things from the British Colonial times in the museum and talked about the different foods that were made back then and the background stories of some of the first chefs. How one slave rose to be a prominent chef, he had worked for President George Washington.

We saw a well known portrait painting of Shakespeare, only it wasn’t Shakespeare! Yes, for a number of years the painting was wrongly portrayed! It was actually the portrait of  the governor of Virginia.  How would you like your portrait in later years to become known as the portrait of someone famous? Who would you like to be identified as?

We also got to see the inside of a Folger’s theater.  It was very nice, but we were not allowed to take pictures, as a play was being rehearsed while we were in there.

Did you know that Henry Folger got the idea about making coffee during the gold rush days? So many people were coming from all over to try and find gold and he thought that he would serve them coffee.  It turns out that he made a lot more “gold” in his Folger’s Coffee, than many ever made who tried to find gold.

After hearing that story and walking back into  the windy, cold air again we all thought that a coffee and gelato shop sounded like  perfect as a place to warm up, and to enjoy more conversation. I should clarify that me and Gina thought coffee sounded good, my husband is not a coffee drinker, but he did like the gelato.  Henry Folger would not have made money off of him back in the gold rush days.

We found it interesting as Gina talked about how she couldn’t understand seeing people drinking cold drinks. Especially when they walked outside in the cold weather. In Malaysia they basically only drink warm and hot drinks. No ice water, but hot water. It may sound strange to you, but it just shows how its all about the culture you are brought up in. We are all different and we can learn so much from each other.

In Malaysia its very rare for anyone to retire at 65, they work well into their 70’s and part time jobs are very hard to find, everything is full time. In the jungles of Malaysia you really can get lost. They say if you are not used to being in a jungle to not go in without a guide. Its not just in movies that it looks confusing and people get lost, it really happens. She said there have been many that sadly have not found their way out because of becoming so disoriented and people have had to go in and find them, and some have been found too late.

I always thought it would be fun to explore a jungle, but I will definitely make sure to have a guide if I ever have that opportunity. For I can easily get lost in a simple parking lot! Believe me, I am directionally challenged!

We also saw what Malaysian’s money looks like. We Americans are boring, we just have simple green bills. While Malyaisan bills are purple, pink and light blue. They even have flowers on them and a silky feel to them as well. I know money is money, but I do find it interesting to see money from other Countries.

Too soon the time came that we had to part ways, but I am so very thankful for the opportunity that we had to meet. Once again we embraced in a tender hug good bye and our hearts were warmed. Warmed at the blessing of friendship and how priceless it is. Warmed at the thought of how a simple blogging site like WordPress can bring together people of different races, and different faiths, from all different places. How we can form a bond through words typed on a screen.

I feel blessed and can’t wait for the opportunity to meet more bloggers. To not just have a virtual coffee chat, but a real one. Oh what an adventure blogging has turned out to be!

Thank you Gina for your friendship, for being so dear!






64 thoughts on “The Friendship Adventure

  1. Awww, what a treat! Gina is such a sweetheart, I truly enjoy her warmth and heart! I also don’t drink cold water…everyone says I’m crazy and strange, but I’d fit right in with drinking my hot water! 😉 I love my tea and warm/hot beverages (no matter the time of year) I never use ice. Once in a great while, I’ll have a cold beverage like a frappuccino. But generally speaking, it’s hot/warm beverages for me! 😉 What an exciting trip it sounds like you had, thank you so much for sharing! ❤❤ 🙂

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  2. How cool is that?!?! So happy you were able to meet someone you’ve connected with and who seems like a very special person. That million watt smile sure is engaging and that’s what blogging is all about. I hope your friend enjoys her visit with her family and has a safe trip home.

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    • Very cool! 🙂
      Awh on your “million watt smile” phrase. 🙂 Smiles on the outside and on the inside.
      Thanks for the wishes for her safe return home. She kept saying how she so appreciated us driving 2 hours to meet up with her and I was just like , you spent many more hours in a plane to get here! It was no problem for us to spend 2 hours in a car! 🙂

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  3. What a lovely chance to meet a friend! It is amazing what beautiful friendships we can make through blogging. As for drinking hot water, I suppose it would be almost like tea if you put in a lemon slice. And yes, it’s all what people get used to. My husband brushes his teeth with hot water, and I always thought that was weird. 🙂

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    • Yes it truly is! People we most likely never would have met if not for blogging. The wonders of technology!
      She does drink a lot of tea, and I like tea too. LOL about your husband, we just all are different aren’t we. 🙂
      What stood out to me and my husband the most about drinking hot drinks is that Malaysia is a very hot place! I know how refreshing a nice cool drink is on summer days, but like you said it’s all what you get used to!

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      • The rationale behind hot drinks on a hot day is good. We tend to sense heat based on the difference between how our body feels vs the air temperature. If we raise our body temperature (have a hot drink) then the difference is reduced … hence a more comfortable feeling. 🙂

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  4. Your husband is a man after my own heart. I don’t drink coffee, either. Coffee is poison.

    Looks like you had a happy time visiting your blogging buddy. Too bad the government shutdown limited your tour of DC. But thank God for Shakespeare.

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    • LOL! So I guess if ever you shall meet I will be the only one drinking coffee while I hear how bad it is!
      If it makes things any better I do drink tea more and hot cocoa. 🙂

      Yes, we apologized for our government! She wanted to see the Air and Space Museum and all the others BUT st least we had Shakespeare, good restaurants that we could sit and chat in, while drinking good coffee. 🙂

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  5. Oh, that was a wonderful surprise. I am thrilled that you got to meet Gina, live and in person. Your pictures and your smiles are worth more than a thousand words. Thank you for sharing your lovely meeting. It was almost like I was there. ✨💕✨

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  6. Such a delightful adventure you had!!! You are so right, that the blogging community becomes family … I have several readers who have followed my blog for years, and I swear I feel like I know them every bit as well as people I’ve worked with, or even some family members! This is what I love most about blogging. You have a treasured friend in Gina, and it’s wonderful that you had this opportunity to spend time with her ‘in person’!

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    • Thanks Jill! Yes, it is incredible how close you can become to someone that you haven’t met in person, definitely the best part of blogging by far! Thanks for your comment and my heart will always remember meeting Gina in person and the warmth that flowed from her. Who knows maybe someday I may get the chance to make the trip to Malaysia! 🙂

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  8. I believe that I am that rare Gem (get it?) of a simple follower that connects with many bloggers as I meander in and about the mysterious world of blogdom! How lovely that Gina and yourself have been able to meet each other in the virtual and now real world too! “Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.” – Anna Grace Taylor. Lovely photo! Thank-you!

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    • Awh Ellen you are a “rare Gem” 🙂 and sooo glad that I have one of the blogs that you choose to visit in your meanderings!
      Love that quote you shared, so very true. Thanks for sharing and for your sweet words, maybe one day our paths will cross in person! How awesome thst would be! ❤


      • A possibility exists…You were probably but a child when I resided in Gettysburg, prior to moving to Rhode Island in 1977. Were you living where you now do, we would have been quite closely located. Gettysburg was an often visited place during my childhood years, not only the school trips, but more often the family trips. My Father was a Civil War buff, particularly the Battle at Gettysburg, hence our frequent sojourns. Many treasured memories were the prompt to live there as an adult, I loved my years there! My Son and I would walk to the Battlefield together and in later years would take turns pushing my eldest Daughter’s stroller. One of my favorite photos is a tintype of them sitting on an old buckboard wagon in clothing of the 1863 era. Thank-you!

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        • Yes you just never know what may happen! Yes I was a wee one way back then! 🙂
          My Dad grew up in Gettysburg. He would have lived there until 1959 when he married my Mom and moved away.
          We have gone there often, as you aee right, it is very close to where we live now. It’s fun to walk downtown and go in all the little shops.


  9. I too met Gina when she spent time here in NY before flying to Washington DC. I completely understand your excitement at meeting her in person because I shared the same feelings! She is such a beautiful, kind soul. it sounds like you two had a blast in the city!!

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  10. What a marvelous post on a super meeting with Gina!!! I am so very jealous! Gina is such a sweet soul and Special Friend to me and all she comes in contact with here on WP!! What a sweet joy and privilege to meet face to face!! Thank you so very, very much for sharing your wonderful meeting with Gina! We so appreciate you letting us tag along via your post! Thanks, JR!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!

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  11. I am so thrilled to read this…i can only imagine how much you both had meeting each other…Gina is indeed the sweetest..her words are filled with compassion and kindness…and like you i too hope to meet her one day..

    For now i am glad i got your link from Gina..

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