Let Us Run…

Today I want to share a post that I posted back in 2017, I don’t think I have posted it since then.  I hope my followers who have been with me for a while now don’t mind seeing it again and I hope my new followers since then can be touched by it. Perhaps there is someone out there whose heart needs these words today.

This poem came to my mind yesterday when I was reading another blog post about how we can get caught up with emotion when writing emotional pieces. How those emotions can help us write better as we let them bleed out on the paper.

I don’t consider myself a poet by any means, but this poem that I am going to share came out of a time when my heart was full of deep emotion.

My heart poured it out on a night when it was breaking. Breaking because the prognosis was not looking good for a good friend of ours, cancer was going to win.  The tears fell as I didn’t know what to say. What could I speak  to my very precious friend;  his wife. How could I encourage her? I felt that I had no words.


Come Away With Me My Friend (Let Us Run To The Ocean)

Come away with me my friend


Let us run to the ocean,

Where you can let the pain in your heart

Be overpowered by the roar of the waves.

Let us go where you can shout ”Why?” to the sky,

And scream as loud as you need.

Where you can fall to your knees on the soft sand.


Let us run to the ocean,

Where I can hold you tight, and let you cry.

Where you can let your shoulders sag.

Where you can let your tears fall,

To be carried away by the waves.

Lean on me. Let me be your strength.


Let us run to the ocean.

Oh, my dear friend… let us just go!

You need not think about the future.

Let us walk along the water’s edge.

Remember when we were young?

Our lives were so carefree


Let us stand in the water.

Let the waves splash your face,

And gently wash away your tears.

Let us run to the ocean.

Let us go where the waves go on forever.

Life can be hard my very special friend.


But let us run to the ocean.

Life we cannot always understand.

Things happen that cannot be explained.

But the waves will go on forever

Through night and day; Through rain or shine,

As will my love for you.


Let us go to the ocean my dear friend.

We will face the rolling waves together,

And if you slip… I will be there to catch you.

If you feel you are losing your way…

I will be there to guide you.


Let us talk in silence,

For our love does not need words.

We have a special friendship.

Let us run to the ocean.

Let the waves mesmerize you.

Let the ocean’s rhythm soothe your soul.


Let us go to the ocean, my friend.

Go where no words are needed.

Where we will let the waves speak.

Let us go the ocean my friend.

Let us go… and be as one,

For I will never let you fight this on your own.


Come away with me my friend.


If you enjoyed this poem, you can find it in Colin’s book of poetry , “Just Thinking.” The book is available through  Amazon, Friesen Press, and all other online book retailers. He helped me fine tune this poem into what it is and I was very touched when he asked me if he could include it in his book. Your heart will be touched by his poems as well, as he simply speaks from his heart.

37 thoughts on “Let Us Run…

  1. Does one only read the poetry of Robert Frost but once? It is my opinion that poetry will speak to you, if you can silence yourself to listen. Much like a good song, poetry should be “listened” to again and again. It is definitely an achievement to be included among Colin’s work. Well done! Thank-you, again!

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