My Challenge to You!

I was talking to my niece today and I thought of something.  I know i have alluded to this subject in other posts, but I feel its worth mentioning again.  I asked my niece what she had been up to today and she said she was writing a letter!  Yes, my jaw may have dropped, for today that seems like such a lost art. I told her how wonderful that was, and how its rare to hear of today and she agreed.

I remember the joy of running to the mailbox when I was younger waiting for a letter from a pen pal that I had. Then I remember the eagerness of waiting for letters from friends when we had to move. They were special. Just like the letters from my siblings when they went to college and I was still at home.  Letters from my parents meant so much when I lived far away from them.

There is just something special about a letter that you can hold as you read it and fold it and then open it and read it over again and then tuck it in your cedar chest perhaps.

My husband and I gave the post office lots of business when we were dating. We lived over 500 miles apart, and with no computer, no cell phone to text, the only option was to write a letter. Yes, we talked on the phone as well, but those long distance bills soon got pretty high! I still remember the phone bill coming and my Dad basically turning it over to me, for my calls to a certain guy in the state of Indiana made up pretty much of the bill. Oh yes, the days of being tangled in a phone cord. That doesn’t happen today either, as many phones now are cordless or people have no land lines at all!

Looking forward to the mail coming when we were dating was a daily occurrence! Cards and letters flew. Sometimes I would get creative with the letters and write in a circles so you had to keep turning the letter in order to read it. I probably wouldn’t have the patience to do that now.  I think there was a letter written on toilet paper before as well, though you have to be really careful that you don’t poke holes in it as you write. I remember writing backwards as well, but not for the whole letter for that took time to do. Can’t write as quickly when you are concentrating on spelling the word backwards.

No matter what, one thing remained the same about all the letters and cards I sent or received, they were special! Special because of who they were for or special because of who they were from.

My challenge to you, that I pass down from my niece is to write a letter or send a card to someone this coming week. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you don’t have to write backwards! It doesn’t have to be long, what counts is that you took the time to let someone know that you were thinking about them.  What matters, is that I bet the person who gets your letter/card will be smiling for the rest of that day. Smiling because it is a rare expression of friendship in today’s world. Let’s do our part to bring it back this week! Who can you surprise with smiles in their mailbox, not their inbox. 🙂

47 thoughts on “My Challenge to You!

  1. Interesting timing for this Post! I have been going through all sorts of old “stuff” in boxes, and came across a letter from 1994 in which I was thanked by a (then) young lady for my coaching services (long distance running). That young lady has written to me every year at Christmas time and brings me up to date with her life however, this particular letter was by way of an apology because she abruptly stopped running after completing a very good half-marathon, but never offered any reason. This 1994 letter was an explanation of the various medical conditions (some I knew about) that made running rather impractical.

    I kept that letter because it was such a heart felt record of her life in1994, and I appeared to have figured in her life much stronger than I had expected. It was quite an emotional read so, today, I mailed off to her a letter of thanks (again) … and to let her know how important that letter was/is. I imagine that she will have a big smile on her face when she reads it! 🙂


    • Wow, you did the challenge, before I even wrote it! You are a step ahead!

      What a special letter to have saved all these years. I think so often we don’t realize the exact impact we have on others. So glad she let you know, and how cool that she writes you each year. You really did touch her life, and I am not surprised. I am sure she will have a big smile when she receives your letter. 🙂

      Maybe I should challenge you to send 2 letters this week since you already wrote one. 🙂

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  2. Sure … but it is already written. We offer financial support to our local symphony orchestra every year, and every year I write to them and thank them for their performances (they are very good!). As well as expressing my appreciation, I like to include comments for the younger orchestra members, as they would not know what a profound impact their music can have unless somebody tells them! Apparently my letter gets circulated throughout the orchestra every year, and is really appreciated. (We even get a Christmas card from the Conductor and his family now!). 🙂

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  3. We live in a world of emails and texting, it seems even the sound of a voice on the phone is becoming extinct…although this dinosaur refuses to text, please take the time to speak to me! This dinosaur still searches for the perfect card, adds a handwritten note and sends it via the good old US Mail on holidays, birthdays and other occasions ( I accumulate a lot of Hallmark Gold Crown Points). A handwritten thank-you can never be replaced with an email or text. Letters were my lifeline when I was in nursing school, I well remember peering into the tiny glass door of my small mailbox in the rec room hoping to find a letter from home, friends in college and most importantly from my high school sweetheart in Vietnam. The bottom of my ancient cedar chest has many of those old letters tied up in ribbons. So, Miss JoyRoses, ‘the gauntlet has been thrown’ and I accept the challenge! Thank-you!

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  4. This is a great challenge, and I absolutely agree with you on how precious a real letter is. I wonder if you’ll consider that I have completed the challenge, because, like Colinandray, I did send letters just last week. Something between 15 and 20 (I would have to count them again, I am not sure anymore) to various bloggers I met here on WordPress. Some of them got their card already, and I think some of them haven’t received their surprise card yet. I’ll let you judge if I should write more… LOL

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    • Oh Wow! You are many steps ahead of Colin! Way to go! 🙂
      What a great idea at sending letters to other bloggers. I am sure they loved hearing from you! You definitely succeeded at the challenge but hey if you already wrote that many, what’s a few more. 🙂


  5. I have taken up your challenge, and failed. My feeble, out-of-shape fingers could not handle the heft of a fountain pen. Nor could they maintain enough pressure to hold it steady for the shaping of words. But I will say they are very muscular for pressing down on the keys of a keyboard. I hope that will be your next challenge.

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  6. I make greeting cards and thus love sending notes to people. The recipients seem to enjoy receiving a hand-written piece with original art. Sometimes for a birthday or similar occasion, but mostly for no special reason other than to let them know I’m thinking of them. Kudos to your niece, letter writing seems to be a somewhat lost art.

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  7. I miss writing to my Mum, though I’ve written to several people since Christmas. An e-mail or text message isn’t the same, and it has nothing to do with being instant. I used to love getting letters growing up as I had penfriends in a lot of countries. Sadly the only mail we get now is official ones. I’ve taken to writing cards instead as the number of birthday and anniversary recipients has diminished but I still like to make them!

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  8. Challenge met, the letter is on the way to its destination. Benjamin and I walked to the Post Office to make sure that it was safely on its journey to who knows where and arriving who knows when?! It was an arduous undertaking that necessitated a stop at “Felicia’s Cafe” for sustenance enroute, as well as a stop at “Sweet Temptations” on the way back for a sugar rush to push us up the hill to home. Mission Accomplished!! Thank-you for a fun challenge!

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    • You are speedy! Great job! Hope you didn’t have to walk too far to the Post Office, it would have been a cold walk here today.
      The stops you made on the way though sound very warm and inviting!
      You are very welcome for the challenge, I am sure wherever and whoever the letter is going to that it will bring a smile! Thanks for spreading smiles. 🙂


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