Trisha and the Stranger.

Two people were outside sitting on a bench. Trisha was trying not to be impatient as she waited.

“Are you okay Miss?” the gentleman beside her asked.

“OH I just want to get home to my own bed! I been traveling for so long.

“Where did you travel to?”

“I was on a trip to Paris, it was Okay.” she replied.

The man was shocked to hear this, “Just OK? I know many who have loved Paris!”

“Well there were very cool things to see and all, but the bed in my hotel was so uncomfortable, and the air conditioner didn’t work very well. Got so stuffy in the room. Then the one restaurant I went too was very late in serving me food. By the time they brought it out I was so upset that I told them to forget it. They told me I could have it free, but I said to just throw it in the trash. ”Β  she made a face as she sighed again.

The man lowered his head for a moment and then asked her another question.

“Can you describe for me one of the prettiest sights that you saw?”

“Well there were cherry blossoms blooming everywhere.”

The man smiled when he heard this and closed his eyes. “Ahh! I remember the cherry blossoms that used to be by my house. How I loved to walk by them every day. Can you tell me more?”

“The weather got a little chilly the last couple days for springtime. It was a good thing that I had brought both of my jackets along, so I could wear the thicker one. ”

The man was silent as she went on.

“I went to the Louvre and saw fabulous paintings but oh the line of people was so long to wait in. My feet were getting so tired of standing, glad I bought along my 4 pairs of walking shoes. Carried a extra pair with me each day so I could change in the middle of the day when my feet would get sore.”

The man was silent once again.

“Well there is my taxi finally! Can’t wait to get home and soak in my jacuzzi and then fall into my bed! Goodbye!”

“Goodbye,enjoy your night.” the man said, as he waved his hand at her, watching her get into the taxi.

The night started to get a little chillier and the man wrapped his arms around himself.

He stood up and stretched some, then sat back down. He bent down to rub his feet. His blisters were beginning to bleed because of the holes in his shoes. Leaning back he decided to try to get some sleep.

He stretched out on the bench as much as he could and covered himself with some newspapers that had been left on the bench. The wind began to blow, the man hoped it wouldn’t blow any stronger tonight. He closed his eyes as he tried to go to sleep, and he had a smile on his face.

He smiled as he thought about stunning cherry blossoms. His heart was warm as he remembered the time he proposed to his sweetheart amidst the cherry blossoms that lined the sidewalk near his home. The smile got even bigger when he remembered their honeymoon in Paris, oh how magical that time was.

Yes, the man’s feet ached and he was cold. His back hurt and his head wished for a pillow. His stomach wished for some food, but he still smiled. He was thankful for his memories that came alive tonight and thankful as he closed his eyes. Thankful that he could still have his precious memories.

17 thoughts on “Trisha and the Stranger.

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  2. Very well done! And yes, people take so much for granted nowadays, and so many complaints are trivial. Like the saying goes, there’s always someone who would love to have your problems.


  3. An intense and insightful story. Sorry, I soon disliked the woman in this story – extremely. But I never felt sorry for the homeless man, because he had that power of “being” within him. Great story!


  4. Such a beautiful and touching contrast in the lady and the gentleman’s attitudes. I was sad for her haughtiness and lack of gratitude. I love his tender heart and positive attitude despite the disparities that are at hand in his situation. Such a touching story! ❀❀

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