Do you have a Clue?

One fine day Professor Plum was in his study,  studying the effect that certain words and phrases can have on human behavior. He was just starting to draw a conclusion on a very interesting point when he heard a shout coming from the hall.

He walked out to see what was the matter and saw Miss. Scarlet standing in the hallway shaking like a leaf.

“Whatever happened to give you such a fright?”,  Professor Plum asked.

There was a white rabbit  running down the hall! It ran right over my feet.”

“Which direction did it go?” he asked, and Miss.Scarlet pointed around the corner down the hall.

They both headed towards the library.  When they entered it much to their surprise they saw a white rabbit perched on the table.

“Well its a cute looking thing, no reason to be afraid Miss. Scarlet.” said Professor Plum.

They started discussing about keeping the rabbit, for they did have plenty of room in the mansion for a pet. They were weighing the pros and cons of having a pet when Mrs.Peacock came walking in.

“Aww…what a cute rabbit.” she said as she bent over to pet it. The bright colored plumes on her hat brushed under Professor Plum’s nose causing him to sneeze.

Professor Plum bid adieu to Miss. Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock as he headed back to his study thinking he should really get back to his work.

“I will take little Snowy down to the kitchen and see about getting it some food,” said Mrs.Peacock.

“Okay, I need to be in the ballroom soon for my next student, replied Miss. Scarlet, “I will catch up with you and little Snowy later.”

They all went their separate ways and the house was quiet for a few hours, and then right before the clock struck 9pm, Professor Plum heard a scream!

“My word! Now what happened? Did a mouse run over Miss. Scarlet’s feet this time, he wondered.”

There was quite the racket coming from the kitchen as he headed there. Suddenly the door swung open and out came the Cook looking terribly flustered. “I quit I quit!” she shouted.

The Professor looked around the kitchen and saw it in total disarray!

“What happened here?” he asked in bewilderment. There were scones on the floor and pawprints in the plum pudding. There was fish, but no chips and the Shepherds pie had tufts of white hair in it. There were biscuits but Snowy the rabbit was wearing the gravy, as he sat in Miss. Peacock’s lap with Miss.Peacock looking very guilty.

“Can you explain what happened here my dear Miss.Peacock?”  inquired the Professor.

“I had only meant to be gone for a few minutes, and I was sure that I had latched Snowy’s cage, but apparently I hadn’t. Mr. Green and I were just chatting outside in the garden” she said, as her cheeks got a little red.

“Oh Professor, what shall I do? The Cook is in quite the mood and she’s threatened to quit. She says the Queen will have her head! All this food was for the banquet tomorrow.”

The door swung open again and in entered Miss.White. “I heard…” she was struck speechless as she looked around and the color drained from her face leaving it quite white. OOOOh this isn’t good, not good at all!”

“I know what to do”, cried the Professor I will call for Colonel Mustard and he can call in the troops, we will get this kitchen cleaned up in no time and make the best Yorkshire pudding that  there has ever been.”

Colonel Mustard gave the rally call and soon the kitchen was full with TweedleDee and TweedleDum. Everyone was glad to see them, for they had the rum. Then there was the Mad Hatter who kept making things splatter. The Dormouse was busy opening and closing the oven door as dishes were put in and taken out. The Cheshire Cat just sat and smirked as he watched the commotion all about!

As the clock struck midnight, they finally  pulled out the last cake.

A cheer went up through the kitchen, their hard work had been a success, the poor Cook was no longer worried about losing her head. She thanked one and all, and even gave Snowy a little treat. She held him and had to admit that he was quite sweet.

One by one the weary crew said Goodnight as they headed for bed. The poor Dormouse was asleep on his feet.

The Cook looked around at all the delicious dishes beaming at how proud the Queen would be when the dishes she did see.

“Goodnight dear Snowy!” patting his head as she put him in his cage.  She had to get to bed before she collapsed right on the floor.

She turned out the light as she went out the door. All was dark, no light was seen, and the house was silent, everyone asleep. Sleeping while dreaming about the feast, not having a clue about something that had been sadly overlooked.

Do you have a clue?

I must give credit where credit is due. If it wouldn’t have been for Nancy, Colin and Tippy’s comments in recent posts, this post most likely would not have been written. But like Professor Plum was studying. Certain words and phrases can influence surprising things. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Do you have a Clue?

  1. I think Miss Scarlett became Miss White. And I’m wondering where Alice went. But I do believe the rabbit did it, with his buckteeth, in the kitchen. You’re welcome for the inspiration, but if you’re still trying to get me to try English cooking, I’m still not interested.

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  2. Fun story! I expect the rabbit slept soundly all night after eating so much, even if the cage got left unlocked again, so the cook probably is safe. And, a culinary note — biscuits in England are not like American biscuits and are not served with gravy. They are like cookies and often are served with tea. 🙂

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