Along a Country Road

“Take Me Home Country Roads…” is playing right now, which gave me the inspiration for this post.

If you were traveling along a road, where would you like it to take you to? Lovely  Cottonwood Trees line the road.  The whipporwill is singing as you walk and you hear the water flowing in the creek that runs along the side of the road.  There is a bend coming in the road. Do you turn left or right? What happens, what lies around the bend?

You tell me, and I will add to your adventure if you would like me to. For who really knows what lies around the bend? How many little adventures can we get? 🙂

72 thoughts on “Along a Country Road

  1. I’ll take a peek with you. I see a family camping at the foot hills. I watch with pleasure as I see members of all sizes contributing to the work that needs. One picks up trash; one carries some water; one is taking something to the car; or, and what is that? One child in a wheelchair is reading to …..

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    • to a gray haired Tabby cat that is curled up in their lap purring contently at the story but also hoping that the child will give him some food. There is also an Owl high up in a tree watching with great interest at everything going on. Soon the cat gets sleepy, time for its 10th nap of the day, and his eyes close as the child reads on.

      Thanks for taking a peek with me. 🙂

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  2. I’m with Colin. I’ll just take the bend. And around that bend sits a police dragnet. I quickly put on my Groucho Marx nose and moustache. I fish around in my front pocket for my fake ID, and quickly swap out my real ID. Wait a second. I see a furrowed brow on one of the police officers in the distance. Did he notice what I was doing with my wallet?

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  3. When I got to the fork, I saw a giant mushroom.
    On it perched a Hookah Smoking Caterpillar.
    “Hmm . . . curious and curiouser.”
    From a floating smile, the Cheshire Cat emerged.
    I asked the Cat and the Caterpillar, “Which way should I go?”
    The Cat just grinned.
    The Caterpillar started to chat, rather randomly.
    I decided I was already exactly where I needed to be . . . so I sat to chat with the Cat and the Caterpillar.
    And never reached the bend in the road.

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  4. Take a right and head past the meadow where purple flowers are in full bloom. Just ahead is a gravel road that slowly creeps and winds past twigs and branches. A path to nowhere, yellow flowers and fallen trees. Hills of green pasture peak and wane, shadows land on hills and valleys as clouds slowly pass by the blue of a pristine sky. It is here that you remember, time does not stand still, but nature always watches.

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