The Winter Stallion

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The horse was galloping towards her. Where had it come from? She thought it was just her lost out here in the snowy wilderness.  Then she saw in the distance what looked like a big white cloud moving fast. As it drew closer she could see that it was a beautiful white stallion.  Dare she try to stop it?

It was always her dream to ride a wild stallion with abandonment. She didn’t just want to ride horses on guided  trail rides, like she did when she was younger. She wanted to  jump on the back of a wild stallion and let it take her wherever it wished to go.

It was almost upon her now and seemed to be slowing down a little as if it was saying, “Want to take a ride?”  She had to make a quick decision before it was gone. It stopped for just a second right in front of her and their eyes connected. She couldn’t deny the flush of excitement that came over her as she quickly grabbed onto its mane, hopping onto its back. She buried her face in its neck as her heart bubbled over with joy. This was really going to happen! Giving the horse a little pat was all the encouragement it needed to start galloping into the wind.

Away they flew in a whirl of white. Where they were headed she had no clue but no fear did she have, for she was living her dream. She wasn’t even as aware of the cold as she had been before. Warmth flooded over her as they galloped along and her heart sang a song.

OH Wow! She couldn’t speak! A thrill went through her as they soared into the air. They were flying, really flying! The sky was such a pretty shade of the most amazing blue she had ever seen, she couldn’t think of a word to describe it. It was a shade she had never seen before, they were up so high. Oh the exhilaration, they had just jumped over a cloud! Was that a planet that they had just zoomed by?

They kept going, time seemed endless.  She once again laid her head against the horse’s neck, breathing in its scent and feeling the softness of its hair against her cheek. She couldn’t remember ever feeling as happy and content as she felt at this very moment in time. Her heart was full as her eyes closed with a smile on her face.

The next morning as the rescue team was searching someone saw something in a distance. “Look, is that a wild stallion over there?”

They all looked and to their amazement they saw the stallion just standing there watching them. They slowly moved towards it as it stood still. When they were almost upon it is when they noticed what lied right in front of it.

There she was, the girl that they had been looking for. She was lying on her back in the snow,  with her eyes closed and a smile of contentment upon her face.


20 thoughts on “The Winter Stallion

  1. I’ve been around horses since I was a kid, so I think I know what happened here. After she clambered on board the startled stallion, it bolted like a bullet. She was hanging on to that mane with all her might while casting here eyes to the left and right side at the passing scenery, spellbound. So she didn’t notice the low tree branch directly in front that the stallion deliberately ran under. That freed the poor horse from this uninvited burden on its back, while the girl went flying, landing upon the snow. Dead.

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  2. You leave me no choice but to ask if perhaps the sky was an exquisite shade of “Emerald-Blue” that rivals all others? Unlike my interminable comment on yesterday’s post; I will simply say that this is a lovely story no matter what color the sky may have been. Thank-you!

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