Friday’s Super Short Stories!

There is comfort in the old, new doesn’t always mean better!

Seeing a speck in someone’s eye doesn’t mean that you have 20/20 vision. Especially if you can’t see the plank in your own eye.

You can pour from morning til night, but if pouring into a bucket with holes, it will never be filled!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. The first super short story teaches me to make myself comfortable, now that I’m old.
    The second teaches me to wear safety goggles whenever I work with wood.
    The third teaches me to never provide financial assistance to spendthrifts.

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  2. Your delightful Friday’s Super Short Stories provoked my propensity for loquacity, although in truth it really doesn’t take much to get me going. It is the first story, ‘There is comfort in the old, new doesn’t always mean better!’ that is the catalyst this time. I had elsewhere mentioned to you about the story of New Year’s Eve with Benjamin. Your story seems to echo that one in regard to old vs new from Benjamin’s point of view…wow, poetry too! Total aside, you might want to get comfortable with a hot cup of tea/coffee as this is lengthy. The Little Mister, as you know, was my New Year’s Eve date. In the early evening my eldest daughter prepared to leave for her New Year’s date. As she went out the door, Benjamin questioned where was Auntie going. I told him that she was going out to see the new year in. To which he asked : “What does a new year look like?” I told him that it doesn’t look much different than the old one except that it is a different year, that this old year is 2018 and the new year will be 2019. This clever boy smiled and said : “Oh, just like I am 4 this year, but will be 5 next year!” Later on, after we had assembled hundreds of those finger numbing tiny Legos and watched movies and read books, I suggested it was time for bed. “Wait Gem, it’s not New Year’s yet and I want to see it in too, please!” : he begged with folded hands and that beguiling expression. I folded like a deck of cards and together we waited for the midnight hour with the alarm clock set, while watching more movies, reading more books, constructing puzzles and more Legos. To his credit, he was more awake that I. When the alarm clock sounded the arrival of 2019, I hugged and kissed him shouting “Happy New Year!” Benjamin seemed more than a bit perplexed by my enthusiastic response to the alarm clock, stared at me and solemnly said : “Gem, sometimes you don’t have happy, you have to look for it.” On that note, he took his lighted toothbrush and went to bed…and without a lighted toothbrush, so did I! One could say that the moral of the story is “new doesn’t always mean happy or better.” Thank-you!

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    • Aww! So glad you shared Benjamins words of wisdom with me! Such a darling boy and how cool that you guys rang in the New Year together! πŸ™‚ <3!
      Love how your story goes with my "story" πŸ˜‰


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