Lessons for the New Year!

Here are 3 tips for for starting off the New Year on the right foot. Keeping that inner child alive is important so take a few moments to enjoy! 🙂

1; Make sure not to get stuck in any holes!


2. Be careful of who you try to fool!

3. And always, always remember what Christopher Robin told Pooh!

25 thoughts on “Lessons for the New Year!

  1. Sweet memories filled with wonderful life lessons!😊 ❤️ Happy New Year Carolyn, warm hugs and wishes for a full of wonderful memories, fun adventures, exciting stories, and lots of blessings and happiness for throughout the whole year the for you and your family!🤗❤️

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  2. Winnie the Pooh has delighted children of all ages in the USA through the vision of Walt Disney, since he obtained the rights back in 1961. Winnie the Pooh was already a legend in the UK since A.A.Milne’s original book in 1926. What you, and many others, may not know is how these beloved books and characters defined and defiled the lives of both Milne and his son, Christopher Robin Milne. If you wish to delve into their fascinating stories, I suggest three books : 1) It’s Too Late Now, the 1939 memoir by A.A.Milne that was out of print until 2017. 2) The Enchanted Places, the 1974 autobiography by Christopher Robin Milne. and 3) The Path Through the Trees, the 1979 second part of his autobiography. I have had an original 1939 copy of the memoir for many years, the 2017 reprint was prompted by the release of the film “Goodbye Christopher Robin” that is also worth watching. The second book was a gift when it was first published and I purchased the second part for myself. Then again, perhaps you may wish to simply enjoy an unencumbered Pooh! Thank-you! P.S. The included videos are favorites in Benjamin’s beloved “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” movie!

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    • P.P.S. My uncontrolled propensity for loquacity provoked this dissertation and I almost decided to not hit the post comment button to save you from it. Then I thought : “Miss JoyRoses loves books, she will be interested in my ramblings.” I hope that I did not mislead myself!

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      • You did not mislead yourself at all!! I do truly mean it when I say that I love reading your comments!!
        I plan to look up those books today for I do love Pooh Bear! I apologize for I meant to respond last night and then got distracted! Thank you and you know me well my friend. 🙂


  3. Thank goodness, it’s never to late to set a new goal! I must rein in my propensity for loquacity, as at times it is bothersome to others…”bother”, get it?! At any rate I should have kept the comment to a short, love the videos. Thank-you!


    • LOL at your “bother” comment, dear Ellen as I just noted in a reply to your other comment you can make your comments as long as you want. They are alwsys interesting! I feel privileged that you take the time to share your thoughts with me. Do not worry about reining in anything!
      Have a wonderful day!


      • Considering that it remains highly unlikely that this goal will be met, it hasn’t in previous years, I am deeply grateful that I did not offend you. In hindsight, it appeared to myself and perhaps yourself, that I was criticizing your choice of lessons as being without merit. While that was not my intention, my conscience suggested the comment may have done so. Thus, my return this morning to amend my first comment. Upon seeing that you had not commented on my comment, my conscience whispered “Told you!” As the wise Mahatma Gandhi said : “The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience.” Thank-you! P.S. The goal is definitely yet not met!

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        • I am so glad I could put your mind at ease. You didn’t offend me in any way! But you do sound like me, as I worry at times too when typing something to someone. It is different than speaking face to face, you can’t see their expressions. But I can tell that you are a caring soul and one I would love to meet in person someday!


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