What About George?

What really happened as Jinx and Jangle on their Christmas Eve adventure and who was George? Your questions  will soon be answered. If you haven’t read my earlier post, Twas the Night…. yet, you will want to read that first.

What About George?

Candy Cane was getting impatient. Jinx and Jangle had been back for a whole day now, but they had been sleeping all day! They came back just as all the Elves were getting ready for breakfast. Ate a quick bite, but didn’t say much of anything to anyone for they were too sleepy. They were not used to staying up all night!  Poor Jangle’s face fell right into his pancake that he had already poured syrup on. Jinx was laughing at Jangle and not thinking about what he was doing, until he felt something warm on his lap! He had poured the warm syrup right onto his lap, missing the plate completely. They both finished eating with flushed cheeks.

Candy Cane and Snowflake were sitting around Santa’s bed again waiting anxiously for Jinx and Jangle to come. Snowflake had just arrived saying that they were getting up now and would be over shortly to see Santa.

“Do you think they liked George?” asked Candy Cane with a sly smile.

Santa Clause chuckled and said, “Lets just wait and see if they bring him up as they tell us of their adventures.”

Candy Cane groaned, one of the first questions she had wanted to ask them was about George! “I will try to bite my tongue, but it will be hard if they don’t say anything! You know how I like to ask questions!”

“Yes”, said Santa,  “I know, your curiosity gets the best of you a lot of times.”

It wasn’t much longer until they heard a knock on Santa’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”  Santa said.

“Welcome back guys! We are all anxious to hear about how your night went!”

“Oh it was quite the exciting night”, said Jinx with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was truly magical!”, said Jangle.

“To travel through the sky with the stars shining bright, it was such a “Wow!” feeling!”  Jinx  said. “The reindeer did great!”

At this comment, Jangle started laughing, “Well most of the reindeer did  that is, Jinx did have a little run in with the tricky reindeer when he…”

Jinx gave Jangle a look, and interrupted him saying, ” Let me tell you about sweet Sally, Santa.”

Santa smiled, he knew he would get the full story from his reindeer about what Jangle was trying to say.

“Go ahead Jinx, tell me about sweet Sally.”

“Well she was sleeping on the couch when we got down the chimney. Jangle fell and knocked over something which woke her up. She raised her head opening her sleepy amber eyes and looked at us and said, “Santa”??

We told her that we were his elves, but that she had to go back to sleep. Her smile was so big, and she asked if she could have a hug from us. We gave her a hug and she smiled contently, saying how her brother would never believe that she had seen Santa’s elves, but she knew the truth. Once again she closed her eyes and soon was back to sleep.

Santa smiled. “There always seems to be some children that wake up when I come down the chimney and it does warm my heart to talk to them.”

Snowflake spoke up, ” How were the milk and cookies?”

“They were delicious, sadly though there was no mix up this time Santa, no spicy hot cookies from Mrs. Smith”, said Jangle.

“Oh and Taz , Bill Jones dog, did make Jangle jump high with his barking at first,” laughed Jinx,” but I remained calm and let him sniff us and he did calm down. He even let us pet him when we went to leave.”

“Much to our relief Luther the snake remained in his cage!” said Jangle. “He did watch us with those beady eyes of his though, followed our every move. That was one house that I was kind of anxious to get out of.”

Jinx shook his head in agreement.

“So glad to hear that things went so well”, said Santa.

“Now for the big question … Did you get to every house?”  Santa asked.

Candy Cane sighed, as Snowflake smiled at her. He knew what question she had hoped Santa would ask.

“We did get to every house! Had to make some U-turns at times, but we made it!”  Jinx and Jangle replied.

“Wonderful!” said Santa, “I am very pleased! Well done!”

Jinx and Jangle beamed, with a touch of red to their faces as Santa praised them.

“How are you feeling Santa, we should have asked that when we first came in.”

“I am doing pretty well. Tired of lying around, but I gotta listen to the Dr. I get more hungry though lying around, you all wouldn’t have saved any cookies for me perhaps?”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and smiled as they picked up a little gift box.

“We sure did save you some! Here you go Santa!”

Santa’s eyes gleamed, “Oh thank you so much! Now I just need some Egg Nog to dip them in!”

Candy Cane spoke up “I will get you some Santa, but Jinx and Jangle I do have one question for you…”

Santa looked at Candy Cane and she flushed, ” I will go get the Egg Nog now, Santa.”

She came back with the Egg Nog and Santa shared the cookies with the others. They were enjoying eating and then Jinx spoke up.

You know Santa, you warned us about Luther and Taz, but there was something else that you forgot to mention.

“Oh you must be talking about … Candy Cane could you refill my Egg Nog please?”

Snowflake started laughing when he saw Candy Cane’s face as she quickly grabbed Santa’s mug.

“Just hang on Jinx, until Candy Cane gets back. ”

Candy Cane came back with the Egg Nog and Snowflake said, “Could I have some too?”

Candy Cane made a face at him as Santa chuckled.

“Okay Jinx, continue please, what did I forget to tell you about?”

“You didn’t warn us about George!”

“OH yes, George, the pet monkey, that belongs to Dave and Sarah!”

“He hopped on Jinx’s back and about gave him a heart attack,” said Jangle.

“It was quite amusing! Jinx would put a candy cane in a stocking and George would take it back out!”

“Then he jumped on Jangle’s back just as he had lifted a mug of milk to drink, making his spill it all over himself, laughed Jinx.  “He was quite the friendly monkey! He tried coming up the chimney with us! It took us forever to get him to let go of us.”

They all laughed and were glad that the Christmas Eve night ride had been a success!

They did need to use the emergency water bucket at a couple houses! Then there were the  2 beautiful Persian cats at one house and 4 mischievous cats at Kate’s house, who were all wide eyed watching Jinx and Jangle. When they finally got bored watching them and turned away, Jinx and Jangle then laid their cat toys beneath the tree and some gifts for their humans. Oh what a fun night it had been!

Jinx and Jangle looked at Santa and said in unison, ” Santa, can we come with you next year?”

19 thoughts on “What About George?

  1. My darling Benjamin is not here today, both he and Mommy are sick. He has had a cough for awhile, but the Pediatrician did not think it needed any intervention. Of course, Gem has been monitoring his temperature and breath sounds diligently. Then yesterday, at home, he complained of his left ear hurting. Back to the Pediatrician, and she found wheezing and an acute otitis media. Antibiotics and prednisone were initiated at once. On the phone this morning he told me : “Don’t worry, I’ll be betterer in a few days!” He loves a good comparative ending added to words! Benjamin will love this story, although he was rather hoping for an overprotective House Elf! He does still talk about Jinx and Jangle not being pictured, but on Christmas he said : “Don’t tell Miss Joyroses, she will feel bad.” Candy Cane sounds suspiciously like someone else! One of those Persian cats was found curled up on Santa’s plate of cookies early Christmas morning! Luckily for him, a quick removal prevented knocking it to the floor during his hasty departure. Cat fur cookies are rather unappealing! Thank-you x 2!!


    • Aww! Poor Benjamin! I hope he and his Mom get well soon!
      Miss Jodi is working on the elves pictures. He is so sweet to worry about my feelings!! Tell him it is fine Miss Jodi and me really do want yin to get his pics but Jodi has been so busy for she doesn’t want to just do a quick job of Jinx and a jangle , she wants to take her time and do them justice. I am not a artist at all so I have to depend on Miss. Jodi to draw them.
      Who knows, maybe a house elf will still show up sometime. 🙂
      LOL about the cats! Yes their fur doesn’t make the best cookies!

      I made a comment on your Celtic Women comment on Colin’s blog and asked a question whenever you get a chance to read it. 🙂 Have a great evening!


      • I must correct a misconception that you are harboring, although through no fault of your own. Benjamin always says “My Jodi” and of course there is a story connected. A little over a year ago, Benjamin recognized Jodi’s emails amidst my inbox and was always thrilled because he thought that they were for him. As he learned to recognize all the letters in the alphabet, he also could pick out her name. On one occasion there was a newsletter from Jodi Picoult and he thought that it was for him. When I opened the newsletter, he was quite dismayed because it was not from “My Jodi” and she has been called so ever since! Also, if a Jodi Picoult appears, he tells me that it is “from your Jodi”. Benjamin will be positively over the moon when Jinx and Jangle are created by “My Jodi”! He quite proudly tells everyone that Odessa and friends were painted by “My Jodi”. Please overlook this rambling comment, my propensity for loquacity is in overdrive! Now, I will hop over to Colin’s blog and answer your question about Celtic Woman (not Women), a mistake that I have made too! Thank-you, again!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I was close. I thought George might be George of the Jungle. And he is kind of like a monkey. I’m glad Jinx and Jangle had a successful run, or I wouldn’t have gotten my Xmas presents. I hope you got yours too, and it was all the stuff you wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Benjamin completed his course of antibiotics and prednisone with wonderful results. He and Mommy came early yesterday morning to take me out for breakfast at our favorite pancake place. Since Mommy and Daddy wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends, Benjamin became my “date”! Eldest daughter also had plans, leaving Benjamin and I alone. When it got to be storytime, he asked about the end of Jinx and Jangle’s Christmas Eve story. I would have forgotten had he not reminded me. So, he sat with me as I read this story and at the end he was quietly pondering the outcome for several minutes. Then laughing he said : “Well Gem, this is not what I thought; but a monkey is pretty funny too!” Then we watched “The Snowman” and Benjamin loved it, deciding that he is the little boy and it was his adventure too! Benjamin was quite interested in the coming “New Year”, but that is a long tale that I will save for another time…should you like to hear it! Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad that he and his Mommy are all better now!
      What a sweet date you had! Love that he asked you about the Jinx and Jangle story and that he liked George, even though it wasn’t what he was expecting. 🙂
      Awh about “The Snowman”!
      I would love to hear Benjamin’s tale about the “New Year!” whenever you have time to share it! 🙂 ❤


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