The Bicycle Adventure

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“A delightful book for all ages. Kids of all ages will enjoy following these unusual friends as they adventure through life together. Their crazy escapades and pranks are irresistibly entertaining while their unlikely friendship will tug at your heartstrings.”

For a peek into the book, here is a excerpt from one of the stories. One that Colin had shared on his blog about 2 months ago. With this gang, consisting of a Barn Owl, Cat, Jackalope and a man-servant it doesn’t take much to have a crazy adventure. Something as simple as a bicycle can create excitement and perhaps a little chaos.

The Bicycle Adventure

One day, the man-servant was clearing out part of the barn when he found an old bicycle. “Hey, guys!” he said excitedly. “Look what I’ve found!” Jaxon and Dewey cautiously moved closer to look at it. They had never seen anything so strange before, and were a little concerned and puzzled.

“What is it?” asked Dewey.

“It’s an old bicycle.” said the man-servant.

Jaxon was sniffing around it. “What’s a bicycle?”

“A bicycle is a really easy way for me to get around, and it is much faster than walking.”

Dewey looked up at the man-servant. “Do you mean like a car?”

“Well,” said the man-servant, “yes … kind of.”

Dewey was still puzzled. “But cars have four wheels and this bicycle thing only has two! How does it stay upright?”

“Oh, it’s not difficult,” said the man-servant. “I’ll show you.”

The man-servant got on the bicycle and started pedaling, but he had not been on one for a long time, and was very wobbly as he tried to ride around the barn. Dewey was smiling as he watched the man-servant trying so hard to steer the bicycle, and burst out laughing as both the bicycle and the man-servant disappeared through the barn-door opening. Dewey and Jaxon both followed him outside and watched as the totally out-of-control bicycle, with the man-servant barely hanging on, careened around the yard.

A familiar whoosh-whoosh sound was heard, and then Odessa landed next to Dewey and Jaxon. “I was going to fly over to the next field, but saw this circus act and thought that I might be able to help.”

“Do you know about bicycles?” said Jaxon.

“Absolutely!” said Odessa. “You see … the man-servant has no idea what he is doing. He is going far too slow, which is why he has no control over it.”

Just then, they heard a crash. They looked over at the man-servant and the bicycle, both of which were lying on the ground. Odessa flew over to him, and so was the first one there.

“Man-Servant!” she said. “Have you not ridden a bicycle before?”

“Well yes … but it was a long time ago,” said the man-servant.

“Okay,” said Odessa, “then let me refresh your memory. The faster you pedal, the more control you have over it. It’s really very simple. I’ll tell you what I will do. You get on the bike again, and I’ll coach you from the air.”

Dewey looked at Jaxon and giggled. “This is going to be fun; I just know it!”

The man-servant got back onto the bike and started pedaling, steering in a circle around the yard while Odessa flew overhead. All Dewey and Jaxon could hear was Odessa saying, “Faster! Faster! You must pedal faster!” and all they could see was the man-servant trying as hard as he could. He was doing relatively well until his front wheel hit a small rock, and then the man-servant and his bike disappeared through the gap between the farmhouse and a shed.

Jaxon and Dewey both rushed over to see where they were going, and could not believe what they saw. The bicycle was totally out of control, and bouncing down the grass hill, with the man-servant holding on tightly for fear of falling off.

Odessa was flying overhead and shouting, “Brake, Man-Servant! Brake!”

“There are no brakes!” said the man-servant.

“Oh dear,” said Odessa. “Well … jump!”

***  *****  ***

Of course you will need the book to find out what happens next! 🙂



18 thoughts on “The Bicycle Adventure

  1. Benjamin is here on a Thursday because of the Christmas school vacation and we came to visit Miss JoyRoses because she is sharing a story. As I started to read this story Benjamin laughed and said : “I know the ending of this story!” And, indeed he does! We will not give it away, but Benjamin does give a clue : “Always remember to wear your bike helmet!” Benjamin can relate with the Man-servant’s adventure, as he is learning to ride his Balance Bike and is progressing quite well! The Odessa Chronicles has lovely stories that children of all ages can enjoy and learn from too. Thank-you x 2!! P.S. Just a footnote to say that there are two things that travel with Benjamin everywhere everyday…his plush toys, Jellybean the Rabbit and Jaxon the Jackalope (and he tells everyone, “Jaxon came from Canada!”).

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  2. What a wonderful tale! I have a lot of great memories learning how to ride a bike. My parents actually enlarged a photo of my sister and brother riding a bike in the neighborhood. It just represents so many fun memories! ❤


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