Keep Shining Billy!

I want to share another sparkle from this weekend. We had some friends recently move closer to us, about 2 and 1/2 hours away. They moved from Texas. We visited them on our way home yesterday and it was such a delight! Friends really add so much happiness to life!

Part of what made this visit extra special is that we were able to see their 15 month old baby for the first time.  A baby who I have shared about on here before and I am excited to share once more about him. Billy is  a very special little boy! Here is a link to one of my earlier posts  about him, Sunday’s Awh…Moments

Billy was born with a rare disorder. He had no pulmonary artery, his condition is called heterotaxy. He has had 2 surgeries since he was born and will be getting his 3rd surgery within a couple months. When he was born the Dr. was very blunt with my friends telling them he did not expect Billy to even make it a year. But Billy keeps amazing the Dr.s, not only has he made it, he is thriving. Gaining weight and growing, walking around furniture now. Most heterotaxy babies do not go home from the hospital without a feeding tube, but Billy did, and he was loving little bites of pizza when we were there. For children with this disorder their normal oxygen rate is about 85% . If our oxygen level would drop to 85%, a lot of us would be in the ER!

His Dr. now feels that if the 3rd surgery is as successful as the first 2, that he could still have many years ahead of him. We don’t know what the future holds, but just to see this little boy who has fought through so much, smiling, brings such joy. To hear him laugh, and see him pull himself up on furniture and walk around it, fills your heart with hope.

Thank you dear readers for your thoughts and prayers for him. I’m sure my friends would appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. The surgeries are very risky, I mean you are dealing with the heart. So as you enjoy this little one’s smile,  please keep the prayers coming!



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