Going on a Virtual Road Trip!

Thinking back to when my kid were young, I remember going on walks with them. Sometimes along the way we would play a simple game. I would say that we are going on a trip, and  would think of something to take that starts with the letter A.  The next person says something with B, then C, etc.  Each time you say something you have to repeat what has been said before as well. We always would get some fun, crazy answers and it was a fun way to help my kids memory.

With that memory coming back to me this morning I thought I would try something. What would happen if we tried playing the game on here? Let’s go on a trip! Do you think we can make it to Z, I have confidence that we can! I will start with something I would bring that starts with A and whoever wants to jump in with B is welcome too! Or if you really can’t think of something that starts with B, then add more A things. The rules are pretty flexible here.  Be as creative as you want! Our vehicle is enormous and will hold absolutely anything!  That includes any kind of animal. 🙂  You can add several things or just one thing. The only rule is that we have to go from A-Z. Lets see what kind of list we can create!

A –  Accordian (for some music on the road. My Mom used to play one. 🙂

Your turn now. In the comments below add something with A, or start with B, your choice!

140 thoughts on “Going on a Virtual Road Trip!

  1. G- Gum to keep our breath fresh and Ginkgo Biloba supplements for those of us who have memory issues! We need to be in good mental shape for this journey prepared for everything. I would like for us to remember where we have already driven. 😉

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  2. I- Iron, to iron our dress clothes in case we need to look presentable for a special event when we arrive at our final destination & and insoles for our shoes because there may be occasions where we might have to walk a lot. 🙂

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    • Yes if we run out of gas walking may be required. 🙂 And we may want to venture to places where cars can’t go and will need good hiking shoes! We can hike to a lovely waterfall!
      Hmmm…special event? I wonder what special event it could be 🙂

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  3. K- Kind-hearted strangers. Now that we arrived at that wondrous waterfall (some people are a little impatient) ; ) , some kind-hearted strangers allowed us to borrow their ferry to tour the waterfall. Of course, they fell in love with Jaxon, the jumping, juvenile jesting jackalope right away!

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