Giraffe Games!

All photo credits are  from Pinterest


“What is going on? What are they doing?”  Jo asked , as they stared at their other friends.

“I have no clue!”  said Monika.

“Do you see Sherry? She is usually the ringleader whenever something crazy is going on!”

All three of them looked trying to pick Sherry out of the group.


“There she is!” said Monika,  ” Looks like she is up to making her funny faces again.


“Seems like they are having fun playing Giraffe games, we should go join them.”  said Gina.

“But wait, where is Gunther?”, asked Monika.

Jo sadly answered, “Remember what happened last time, Gunther came. They wouldn’t let him play in any Giraffe games!”

“Oh that is right, but look he  is playing now, I see him. Yay! Lets go.” and they went running off to join their friends.

Monika was laughing as they ran, for she had spotted Colin.  Like Sherry, he could be crazy as well! He was playing hide and seek, but he really needed to work on his hiding skills. It’s no wonder he had a perfect score of being the 1st one found each time.


Monika  saw Jodi, Jenna and Lynn gathered over to the side. Apparently they were sitting this game of hide and seek out and just relaxing in the sun!


While Monika was hiding she spotted Kat taking a run in the water, looked like she was totally enjoying herself.


Sherry had been found, and she was glad for she was hungry. Didn’t take her long to find something to munch on.


It wasn’t long before everyone was done and soon they started heading off in their separate directions. Poor Tippy though looked confused as to which way he should go.  Did he want to go to Point A or Point B?


Brad and Colin came to help him, but they couldn’t make up their minds either as to which was was best. Confusion reigned in their faces.



They weren’t sure what they were going to do and then along came Gunther and he was very happy to lead them all home.

The sun set and all was quiet and peaceful, another good day it had been. One could only imagine what tomorrow might bring!








22 thoughts on “Giraffe Games!

    • Thanks! It was fun to do. I was thinking I would have nothing to post for I was up way too early yesterday morning, it had been a short night and I was dragging through the day.
      You never know what tired brains can come up with. 🙂

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