Bridging the Gap ( Part 2)

Sometimes the writer doesn’t even know how the story is going to end.

Yes, I am repeating something I said in my blog post yesterday, because it is true about my post today. When I wrote Bridging the Gap on Wednesday,  I wasn’t intending for it to be a story that would continue, but … what I did I know, I was only the writer.  Colin worked his magic and surprised me with adding on to the story in the comment section, which left some unanswered questions. Questions which somehow led me to writing more of the story, Part 2, which I am sharing with you today. Is it the end of the story? Well … I guess we will just have to see!


Bridging the Gap (Part 2)

Miranda tried hard to swallow the lump that was growing in her throat, as she watched Thomas walking away.  She had been told that he had a caring soul and now she had just seen it. Oh Thomas, he was so precious! She felt that the waves of  her emotions were going to overtake her, when she heard footsteps coming up behind her. Turning around she spotted her as she caught her breath. Was she really seeing her? Could it really be her, after all the years that had passed?  Was this really not just a vision, after all the dreaming of this day that she had done?

She felt like she was frozen in time as she watched her walking towards her. She couldn’t move and she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Miranda watched her walking and then she saw her stop. Why was she stopping? Did she want Miranda to come to her?

Miranda covered her mouth with her one slender hand as she watched the other woman fall to her knees, putting her head in her hands. She watched her body start to tremble and she knew she had to go to her. Quickly she covered the distance to the middle of the bridge and got down on her knees next to her as she wrapped her arms around the shaking woman and held her close.

Together they knelt in the middle of the bridge, two women whose life stories led to their hearts being intertwined and whose tears now mingled together.

A little boy was peeking out from around the tree. He wasn’t sure what to think.  He knew he was supposed to stay at the Oak tree, but didn’t really know why. He did really like this tree, for this was the tree that the beautiful Barn Owl liked to perch in a lot. He loved when he would get to see her and sure enough she was there today. He always felt like she was watching him when he was there, almost like she was looking out for him.

He had come to this tree often on days that he was sad or angry, times that he  just wanted to be alone, and she was often there, gazing at him with her big eyes. Did she really care about him? He didn’t know how Barn Owls really felt about humans, but on a day like today, where he didn’t really know what was happening, she comforted him.  She comforted him, just by her presence. He felt his nerves ease some and he continued to peek out from behind the tree, watching what was unfolding on the bridge.

They weren’t sure how long they had been  kneeling wrapped in each others arms.  Finally the other woman, whose name was Jill, found her voice. “I have something for you.” she quietly said.

She put our her hand and helped Miranda to her feet. When they were standing, Jill reached into her pocket and pulled out a letter. ” I saved it all these years.”, she said, as she handed the letter to Miranda.

Miranda could tell that the letter had been folded and refolded so many times. When she opened it up and started to read, she was transported back into time. She remembered so well sitting at the table in her sunny yellow kitchen, feeling anything but sunny. She was aching so deeply as her heart bled out on the paper.  Miranda read the words again as the memories slid down her cheeks.

After wiping her eyes, she squeezed Jill’s hand and said, “I’m ready now.”

They both started walking towards the big Oak tree.

Miranda saw Thomas peek out from behind the tree and she smiled at his curly hair and the freckles on his face. She wanted to memorize every detail of his face. There was pain in her story, that was a fact, but there also was a rainbow in it and today that rainbow had been found!





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