Bridging the Gap

da1e1019d46fac140873a0f78bfa9df2 Painting by Leonid Afremov (Pinterest)


Miranda was waiting. Waiting and wondering. Looking at the water below and admiring the myriad of colors mirrored back at her. She had already paced back and forth on the bridge for a little while and now she was taking a rest as she continued to wait.

Patience was never a strength of hers, so this was hard, but yet as eager as she was for the time to come, nervousness was also overcoming her as she waited. She rested her hands on the bridge in an attempt to stop them from shaking.

The chill in the air brushed over her as she slightly shook. She stared once more at the water as the ripples kept moving. She closed her eyes in an effort to go back in time and try to see her face. The face of the one she would soon meet. The face of the one who had always been in her heart, even though they had been torn apart.

It had been years, so she knew her face wouldn’t be the same, but she never would forget the way her big innocent amber eyes had gazed at her.Β  The connection that she had instantly felt when her little one had been placed in her arms.

She glanced again at her watch, any minute now and she would be here. Her heart started fluttering inside of her as she remembered when she had heard her little one’s heartbeat for the very first time.

Emotion started to well up inside her, could she do this?

Taking a deep breath of courage she told herself she could. They had agreed to meet on the bridge and Miranda strongly hoped that perhaps this could be the beginning of them trying to bridge the gap that the years had made.

She breathed a prayer as some tears rolled down her cheek.

50 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap

  1. As she stared at the rippling waters below, she heard a step behind her. Her heart was now pounding such that she thought it could be heard for miles. She looked a her white knuckles as she gripped the wooden rail. Her mouth became very dry, and then she heard “Hello?”
    She turned around and a young boy, probably only around 11 years old and dressed in a school uniform, stood staring at her.
    “Are you alright miss?” he softly asked.
    “Yes thank you,” said Miranda, “but why do you ask?”
    “Well miss. I was down by the river, just beneath this bridge, when I looked up and saw that you were crying. Are you really alright miss?”
    Miranda looked at him and smiled.
    “What’s your name?” she asked.
    “Thomas miss. My name is Thomas.”
    “Well Thomas,” she said, “thank you so much for caring but really … I am fine. I am just expecting to meet somebody very special here on this bridge, and very soon.”
    “Will it be a happy meeting?” asked Thomas.
    “Yes.” said Miranda. “It will be a happy meeting.
    “Okay … bye!” said Thomas.
    Miranda watched up step off the bridge, probably on his way home and wondered how he would have reacted if she had told him the truth.

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    • I saw the painting and was drawn to it. I knew there had to be a story in there somewhere . πŸ™‚
      Did you see the whole story? Colin added to it in his comment….who knows…perhaps the story will continue. πŸ™‚

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