Special Sounds

Relaxing piano music is playing and my Sheltie has her head on my one foot as I rub her back with my other foot. The vanilla candle is  burning and filling the house with its pleasant aroma.

I think back to growing up and hearing my Mom play the piano. It was a peaceful sound to me, made my heart smile. I remember hearing my Dad sing when we would go on road trips, which would again fill my heart with peace and happiness. I remember us singing around a campfire as a family and the contentment it would bring.

I remember my husband reading poetry to me when we were dating. Reading it as we sat in the woods. His voice filled me with joy and a peace that all was right with my world.

I remember the voice of my husband reciting his wedding vows to me and how it touched my heart so deeply that when it came time for me to speak, my words slipped down my cheeks. A lump was in my throat, but I did feel a heartwarming peace.

I remember many more years later, the sound of my husband’s heart beating as we held each other close when both our hearts were breaking. When we didn’t know what the next day would hold, but we knew that we would hold onto each other.

I remember after a scary C-section, due to the heart rate of my baby dropping dangerously low, the sound of my precious baby crying and the peace that immediately came to my heart, for my child was alive!

I remember the sound of laughter, something that my life has been full of since I been little. The sound of laughter that can bring happiness to the heart and just be plain fun!

The sound of birds singing and leaves crunching, the sound of the waves. So many sounds that can bring peace. What are some of your favorite and sentimental sounds?

16 thoughts on “Special Sounds

  1. Christmas music while making homemade Christmas decorations, presents, and goodie for the holiday with my mom. The gentle caress of my husband’s whispers in my ear, the sounds of summer time fun as my siblings and friends from the neighborhood gathered together to play games. My parents telling us bedtime stories…..there’s so many I feel blessed thinking of them.❤️😊

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