Friday’s Super Short Stories with a Bonus!

When you were 40 and I was about 10, to me you were old. Today you are celebrating your last year of the 70’s and to me you are young! Happy Birthday MOM! I LOVE YOU!

The brightness of the pure, white snow sends beauty to the heart and you can’t help but smile!

Sometimes the answers lie amidst the noise, you just have to listen with your heart!


Bonus: I won’t make you wait any longer for the conclusion of my “Night of the Full Moon” story.  Here is a link to yesterday’s post if you missed it. The Night of the Full Moon (Part 2)

Thanks again to those who offered their ideas of what may happen, they made me smile! You never know, you may be right.


That laughter…it was a distinct laugh, she knew she had heard it before. Oh yes, now she knew! She couldn’t believe it, her heart started skipping beats, could it really be him. Julia noticed his eyes change as he looked at her, he realized what had dawned on her and his warm smile melted her heart.

She smiled as she hugged her precious grandchildren. “Grandma, don’t stop yet, we want to hear more of your story, pleeeease! ”

Julia bent down to give a kiss to their sweet cheeks, ” You have heard the story many times my dears, now you must go to bed.”

“But we aren’t tired and Grandma when you tell the story your eyes light up so much.”

Julia patted their heads, “Goodnight my dears, sweet dreams!” She pulled their covers up to their necks and gave one more kiss to each of them and then headed out of their room turning off the light.

She walked down the stairs into the living room where she saw her love standing by the window. Walking over to him she laid her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around his waist. He took her hand and they said not a word, as their thoughts were drifting back to a time long ago. The warmth of their thoughts made them feel cozier than any fire as they spoke not a word, but just watched the falling snow.


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