The Night of the Full Moon (Part 2)

If you missed yesterday’s post which was Part 1, here is a link to it. The Night of the Full Moon

I have wonderful readers and I love how creative they can be. I asked in part 1 about how my readers thought it might end. What choice would Julia make?  I appreciated the answers given and had so much fun reading the creative ideas , that I thought I would see how I could combine them into a Part 2. ENJOY!


Julia stood there still indecisive but knowing she had to make a decision. Their eyes met, his beckoning, and hers confused. What was happening? The rain was turning to snow! The snow was falling fast and it was looking like diamonds falling from the sky under the light of the full moon. She made her decision and she started walking towards the mystery man. It was impossible to run for the snow was growing deep fast.

At last she made her way to him and as she got a closer look at his face a strange sensation came over her. Where had she seen that face before? He said nothing, just smiled at her as he took the umbrella from her hand. He popped it open and suddenly there was a horse and carriage in front of them.

The horse was beautiful with its white mane flowing down its back. The contrast between its white mane and black body was stunning. There was a white heart right above its eyes. What a beauty this horse was.

“After you my lady!” he said, as he held out his hand to help her into the carriage.

She felt drawn into the mystery that surrounded him. Had she actually been holding a magical umbrella??  How did he make a horse and carriage appear?  Who was this man?

“May I please have your name?”, she sweetly asked, with her heart still feeling jittery at all that had just happened right before her eyes.

“Surely you can my lady, it is Lance Edwin Sanchez.”  he replied and his eyes never left her face.

Hmm…she thought to herself, Lance was a good name. It reminded her of Sir Lancelot, so surely he must be a good person, right?  Her gut was telling her that he was a true gentleman, so she decided to follow it, as she took his hand and stepped into the magical royal blue carriage. The interior of the carriage was a dazzling emerald green, with cushioned seats and plush pillows.

As she sat in the carriage, thoughts were swirling through her mind. His face still seemed to have a vague familiarity about it. Oh the things that happened in her life, perhaps she should turn her adventures into a book!

They rode in the carriage for awhile in silence and then he asked her a question.

“Have you ever wanted to meet the Queen?”

Her mouth dropped open as she stumbled for a response.

“Wellll I ummm…..haven’t thought of it much, but…”

He laughed, and his eyes danced in merriment at her obvious shock to his question.

That laughter…that’s what was so familiar! Where had she heard that laugh before?


Yes, I am letting you hang again. I thought you all did such a great job yesterday of giving your ideas, so I thought I would give another chance to all my readers. Where do you think they are going? Why does he seem so familiar?  There are no wrong answers, just let your creative thoughts flow. The snow is falling right now, as we are in the midst of the first winter storm of the season! That would explain why the rain turned to snow in today’s post. Just a little inside information. 🙂  Drinking hot drinks, reading under blankets and writing, as the snow falling gives a magical feeling.

15 thoughts on “The Night of the Full Moon (Part 2)

  1. What a magical and inspiring scene for crafting such amazing stories!😊 ❤️ stay warm and drink a cup of cocoa for me.😉

    She had known him in her youth, spending many summed together. He’d been her first love, but then he was call to serve the king and their blossoming young love was broken asunder…now is her second chance at having their own happily ever after.✨❤️✨

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