It All Started with the Cat

I wasn’t planning on writing another post about the Emerald City today, but an idea came to me and so ….Β  Keep an eye out if you didn’t see your name in the the post I did on Thursday, The Return to the Emerald City you just never know, it might be in this post. And if you still don’t see your name, don’t give up hope, don’t feel bad please, another story will come! πŸ™‚

It All Started with the Cat

It had started out as an ordinary day in the Emerald City. Glenda was walking to her job at the hospitalΒ  and the city was quiet in the early hours of the morning.Β  She was enjoying the peace when out of nowhere a cat ran right in front of her. It was so pretty. She quickly recognized it as Mollie, one of Kate’s cats. Kate had such a big heart for animals, cats were always coming to her door.Β  They may be sassy cats at times, but she loved them!

Glenda didn’t have long to wonder about Mollie, for close behind her came Charlie and Ray. The silence of the morning had been broken by Mollie’s screeching and hissing and the barking of dogs who felt like they were on a mission. Glenda watched as the Mollie raced up a tree and Charlie and Ray started howling up at it!

The dogs were followed by Kate running down the street yelling for Mollie. Glenda pointed to the large Oak tree on the corner by the city park. It’s leaves were so pretty this time of year. Kate and Glenda were discussing how to get Mollie down and soon from around the corner came Jodi calling for Charlie, who was followed by Colin calling for Ray. Both dogs quickly turned at the sound of their names and took one more look at the tree and then at their owners and started walking back to them. They were good dogs, but they couldn’t pass up the fun of chasing a cat.

Everyone was talking about how to get Mollie down. Kate was trying to coax her down by calling up to her, but Mollie was not convinced in the slightest and wouldn’t budge an inch.

About this time Maggie came walking down the street with her owner Di, who always had a smile for everyone.
Just in time Glenda noticed Di coming and told her to watch out for there was a pile of slippery wet leaves that she was coming up to. Di heard her and walked around the leaves so that she wouldn’t slip.Β

Maggie was glad to see her friends Charlie and Ray and soon the 3 dogs had forgotten about Mollie and were having fun running in the park with each other.

Colin had decided that he would go home and get his ladder and they could use that to get Mollie down from the tree. He and Ray started back home as Kate still tried her best to sweetly coax Mollie down. Jodi took Charlie home hoping it might help Mollie be more confident about coming down. Maggie was no threat as she had curled herself up in a ball under another tree in the park.

Meanwhile Mitch was walking down the street, stopping in at Jodi’s diner to get some of her delicious blueberry scones. Jodi was behind the counter feeling a little frazzled, for she had almost been late opening up the diner because of Charlie’s little escapade. She told Mitch about it and he thought poor Kate and Mollie. He was hoping that his cat was still inside their home being a satisfied cat on top of its fluffy cushions and hadn’t got any wild ideas of going on an adventure.Β

The bell chimed as the door to Jodi’s diner opened up again. It was getting to be busy, for this was the place to be in the morning for delicious danishes, scones, and muffins. Nancy came in, it was hard for her to make up her mind today so she told Jodi that she wanted a little bit of this and that, pointing to all the various delicacies.

Kate, Glenda and Di were standing at the Oak tree still sweetly talking to Mollie and slowly ever so slowly she started coming down the tree.Β  Then POUNCE, she startled Kate as she had jumped and landed on her shoulder digging her claws in a little. Kate winced but was very glad to have Mollie safely out of the tree.

Shortly after Mollie had made her leap from the tree, Colin came walking up to them with the ladder. He was smiling when he saw Mollie. “Guess you don’t need this ladder anymore, eh!”

Kate laughed as she replied, “No, I don’t think I do, but thanks for bringing it. Now I think I will take her back home and check in on my other 2 mischievous darlings. See you all later” and she waved bye.

Glenda looked down at her watch, ” OH I need to hurry, going to be late for my rounds at the hospital, bye, have a great day!”

Di looked at Colin and said, “Well, would you like to go to Jodi’s Diner, you probably worked up an appetite with carrying that ladder all this way. ”

“Sure, I could go for some of Jodi’s fabulous donut holes and a latte.”Β  replied Colin,Β  and they started towards the diner when they heard Mike calling to them from down the street.

“Hey Colin, could I use your ladder please? I saw this amazing yellow warbler and I would love a closer look at it to take a picture.”Β  Mike was always looking for wildlife to take pictures of and he did a great job at getting wonderful shots.

“Sure, here you go. Glad I could help.”

“Thanks, it looks like an angel, hopefully its still there!” Mike replied as he took the ladder and hurried off to the tree.Β

“This day has just started and already so much has happened”, said Di.

“Well to quote the great wise Pooh Bear, “Today is the perfect day to have a perfect day!” said Colin. They both laughed as the bell chimed once more when they opened the door to Jodi’s diner which was full now,Β  with friends eating and chatting. Good food, good friends, the day was off to the perfect start!



20 thoughts on “It All Started with the Cat

  1. Love the intersecting of the blogging community within the wonderful adventures of your stories! A community within a community, all contributing in their own special way, just like in our real life adventures of coming together. Truly precious!😊 ❀️

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