The Return to the Emerald City

6f146874f7f5652ca69b316d0ec66f12 painting by Lenoid Afremov called “Yellow Fog” (Pinterest)


Glenda loved her vacation back home. It had been so much fun to go back to the creek again and walk through the woods. Spending time with her family, making precious memories. Now though it was time to go home, back to the Emerald City.  She was looking forward to seeing her friends back there. She had made such special ones.  She had no idea of what kind of people she would meet when she had  first thought about Taking the Leap .

Glenda had counted on meeting the Scarecrow,  the Lion and the Tin Man, but was surprised at all the other wonderful people she had met.

The Emerald City is full of sunshine and Jenna is a friend she met, who carries sunshine on her shoulders wherever she goes,

Every city needs an excellent baker and Jodi is it! Glenda considered it a privilege of her being one of the first friends she met at the Emerald City.

There was Monika and her therapy dog, Sam.They  bring so many smiles to others. The Tin-man loves the caring hearts that they have. They light up faces in the hospital, bringing cheer.

With dogs on her mind Glenda has to laugh. She had brought her little black dog with her and oh did they get a surprise when they met Ray, who is quite a lot bigger than little Toto. Toto was scared at first by his size, but they now are great friends. Ray is a German Shepherd mix who owns Colin, or perhaps its the other way around.  Ray is such a handsome dog and quite the character, as is Colin, they both bring a lot of laughter. Such a sweet friendship between the cool duo.

Glenda can’t forget Tippy, another fun character to be around. Tippy is the only person Glenda knows that owns a pet unicorn, which is just amazing.  Scarecrow really likes Tippy. They often get into discussions about the problems of having a brain.

Well here it was, the road to take her back to the Emerald City. Time had passed quickly as she was walking and counting her blessings. She remembers the first time she went down this road and the butterflies that were swarming in her stomach because of  not knowing where this journey may take her. Now though, she had no fear, only excitement. She was glad that she had found the courage to step out, like her friend the Lion and her dear friend Lynn. Lynn had found courage too in her life and now was loving life in the Emerald City.

There are many more friends that Glenda has met on this journey and she is grateful for all of them. She has a full heart of gratitude for the difference that so many others have made in her life! With a big smile she takes a step onto the yellow brick road, disappearing into the yellow fog …. until another time.






9 thoughts on “The Return to the Emerald City

  1. This is so beautiful! It’s amazing the people that we connect with along our journey. No matter where the yellow brick road may lead us, there’s so much room take make new friends, have new adventures, and learn new things that will help us to grow.😊❤️🤗 The you for being one of the many friends on my journey down life’s yellow brick road!

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