Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Hi everyone this is Tiya, Carolyn’s daughter. She left her account up so i figured i’d do this. My mom is amazing, she deserves nothing but happiness, she deserves the world. Even when she’s having a tough time trying to think of what to post, i still love her. I love her more than anything. P.s Even when she does silly walking into a closet thinking it was the exit.

Not the Job for Me!

It’s the time of the season for the color orange! Though the triangular orange cones I am getting tired of! I know I have mentioned before all the construction going on around us, its still going on. Glad to say I have still not hit any of the cones.

I am trying to be patient while waiting for the construction to be completed. Some days though are easier than others and yesterday wasn’t one of those days.

It seemed like every time I got on the road yesterday, which was a lot, I had to sit and wait longer than usual. I usually try to smile at the person holding the lovely orange flag directing traffic but the smiles were harder yesterday. I was just wanting to click my heels and make my van into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Remember that great movie of the flying car. That could come in so handy. Sadly, no matter how hard I clicked my heels, my van did not grow wings.

I was thinking, while I was out yesterday, of how being a flag person would not be the job for me! I would not like having to stand still in all kinds of weather. Plus more importantly my mind would wander. Standing there watching cars, I believe I would zone out. I would raise my hand that was holding the flag to shoo away a fly or to wave at a driver that I knew. The results od me doing that could be really bad. Nope, not the job for me!

That job would be about as bad as a taxicab driver. People would be paying me for dropping them off anywhere, they wouldn’t care, they would just want out of the car! Okay. I may be exaggerating some!

What jobs would you not want to do? Aren’t you thankful for the people that do those jobs. Next time you are in a road construction zone where someone is directing traffic , smile at them. For their job is important, can you imagine the chaos that would result if they weren’t there!

Smile at your garbage man, they provide a necessary service. Smile at the people who operate the amusement rides at parks for you. Can you imagine all day having to say the same phrase over and over again. “Keep your hands and legs in the car at all times. Don’t undo your buckle until the ride comes to a complete stop. Enjoy your ride.” Or the guy who has to fix the rides when they malfunction, like a ferris wheel suddenly stopping with people stuck at the top.

There are so many jobs out there that we may really not want but the fact is someone has to do them. What about the person who cleans the Port-a-potties? Aren’t you glad for them? They may not always be pleasant to use, but sometimes they are necessary!

This is kind of morbid, but what about a Mortician? It’s a job that is needed but no, I don’t think I could do it. Could you? What jobs come to your mind that you would you not want to do?

Splat! Went the Pie!

I thought we would take a peek into what Jinx and Jangle are up too today. If you haven’t read any of my Jinx and Jangle stories before, here is a link to the last one. A Pancake Morning at the North Pole

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the seriousness of life and have a little fun. I hope you enjoy another tale about the crazy elves Jinx and Jangle.


Splat! Went the Pie!


Jinx and jangle had been working on some new toys for the past couple weeks. They were beginning to get tired, especially Jinx. The work day was almost over and Jinx could barely keep his eyes open any longer. At last Candy Cane rang the bell and it was time for the work day to end.

When they left the building and walked outside the cold wind went right through Jinx making him shiver. He had to admit  though that it did help to wake him up!  He quickened his pace to get back to his house.

“Hey Jinx, Jinx, stay there for a minute, I want to talk to you.”   Santa was calling to him as he came walking towards him.

Jinx had no choice but to wait, for you didn’t just walk away from Santa Clause! He stood there shivering, thinking he should have dressed warmer for the day. Santa soon was there and Jinx could see Santa’s breath as he talked.

“I would like you to plan the games for our Friday game night this week, okay? ”

Jinx smiled, Santa was actually putting him in charge of something, that was very cool. Sure he could plan some simple games. How hard could it be? With those thoughts running through his head he smiled and said,

“Sure Santa! I would love to!”

“Thanks Jinx, that is great! I look forward to seeing what games you come up with.”

Jinx had a thought, ” Could Jangle help me?”

Santa chuckled as he replied,  “Sure, the two of you can work on it together, they always say, 2 heads are better than 1.”

Jinx watched as Santa walked away and then went to find Jangle to tell him how they needed to put their brains together and get busy. This was going to be fun, he was sure of it. They finally had a turn to plan a game night, what could possibly go wrong?

Jangle was delighted to help Jinx out in planning games. They had fun and laughter as they planned and looked forward to Friday night coming.

Friday finally came and all the elves were excited for a fun night of games. Everyone was chattering in the game room until Jinx whistled for everyone’s attention.  When that didn’t work Santa let out his hearty “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and all the elves quieted down, for when Santa spoke everyone listened!

“Welcome to another exciting game night! Tonight’s games were planned by Jinx and Jangle, so please give them your attention as they explain the rules.”

Jinx thanked Santa and then spoke to the crowd of elves.

“Jangle and I had a lot of fun planning these games and we hope you enjoy them. You will need a sharp wit to beat them so good luck!  Oh and there may be some surprises that pop up in the games so beware!” Jinx laughed and then went on to explain each of the games and how they worked.

After all the rules were explained the first game started.  Jinx and Jangle watched with a twinkle in their eyes as their friends tried to guide each other through a big maze that they had made. The thing that made it harder was that each team of 2 had to answer questions before making a turn. If they didn’t answer right they had to go backwards. There also was a twist, where sometimes they had to ask a question, but it couldn’t be just any question it had to be the right one.

Oh Jangle and Jinx were laughing now. Frosty was the first one to get the surprise pie in the face! He turned the corner and “SPLAT!” Santa had been the one hiding around the corner. He loved the idea about throwing the pies. Santa was a jolly guy after all!

The merriment continued throughout the evening. After using their thinking skills in the maze, they used their physical skills in bouncing on a trampoline and seeing who could jump the highest.

Jangle turned to Jinx and said, “I think the night is going pretty well, don’t you?”

“Absolutely!” replied Jinx, with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“CLANG!”  Santa had came up behind Jinx and clanged some cymbals together making Jinx jump!

“Hey Jinx, I think you won the high jump and you didn’t even need a trampoline!”  Jangle patted him on the back as the other elves were laughing and cheering for him.

“Guess what! That means you win the prize! Remember the prize that you came up with?” Jangle asked, with a smirk on his face.

Santa let out a hearty chuckle as the other elves were waiting curiously to see what the prize was. Jinx’s face was getting red as he realized that Jangle and Santa had pulled one over on him.

“Splat!” right in the face!

“Does the whip cream taste good Jinx?”, Candy Cane called out from the laughing crowd.

At the end of the evening everyone agreed that it had been a wonderful night. Jangle and Jinx were cleaning up with help from Candy Cane and Frosty.

Candy Cane and Frosty were still laughing at Jinx about the whip cream prize. Frosty was laughing even harder since he had been one that had got hit by the whip cream in the maze game.

“What goes around, comes around Jinx!” said Frosty.

Jinx had to join in on the laughter as they all finished up and walked out into the night. Oh it had been a fun night. Time with crazy friends was always fun, even if things sometimes caught you by surprise and went “Splat!”








Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! It’s early, but I am actually awake. Though I am not sure how long it will last. I wanted to get these quotes posted early, for I will be away this morning at a elementary school. I will once again be sharing stories from “The Odessa Chronicles”. So glad that I have the opportunity to go around and share, it is so fun to see the smiles on the kids faces and to hear their thoughts about the stories and characters. Characters who came alive in me and Colin’s imaginations are now coming alive in the minds of children. One little boy said how he liked Dewey, for he was allergic to cats so he couldn’t have one, but Dewey can be his friend! That’s when words fail me as I smile at him and carry a smile around in my heart! I hope today that you can have some smiles to carry around in your heart!


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What’s in the Chest?

90b498b3c2d514946e44d5c3ced301b4A Mermaid Treasure chest from Pinterest


Jake was pacing back and forth anxiously. He was a naturally curious person and staring at this treasure chest in front of him was driving him crazy. His mind was bursting with ideas of what all may be inside.  Did it hold a lot inside of it, or just a few little things? He stopped pacing and just stared at it for awhile thinking back to when it had appeared on his front porch.

It had been a normal morning, he was going through his daily routine when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked outside and saw the mail truck. He opened the door and much to his surprise he saw the treasure chest sitting on the porch with his name on it. There was no return address on it which made him even more curious.  There was only a small card on top of the chest.  He opened the card, hoping for answers, but he only felt like he was smack dab in the middle of some mystery and had just read a fortune cookie!  “Life can be a treasure chest full of surprises!”

Time had passed and he still wasn’t any closer to having a clue as to how to unlock the chest.  He tried to unlock the chest so many different ways but nothing worked, it was sealed shut. At times he would forget about it, but then his curiosity would get the best of him once more and his mind would start to spin with questions about what the chest may contain. Would he like what was in the chest or would the contents make him blush? Plus who sent him the chest in the first place?  Who put the contents in the chest? Was the chest filled with things from his past that would bring back memories? Were there pictures in the chest that would make him smile?

The cuckoo clock chimed.  Maybe the chest would magically open on Halloween?  He tried to ask his friends if they knew anything about it, but they weren’t much help as they just smiled at him and said their lips were sealed.  He had to get ready to go. He took one more look at the chest. Tomorrow was another day. Maybe tomorrow some answers would come, maybe tomorrow he may find the key or perhaps he would receive something else in the mail that would give him a clue. A clue as to what the chest may contain. One never knows what tomorrow may hold!


Sunday’s Question!

There was a question that I put on Facebook yesterday and I figured I would ask it in a little different way on here.

On Facebook the question was “What are 3 things that you could bring me to bring a smile to my face?”

It was fun to read the answers that my friends posted. They know me well. I thought I would just turn the question around a little and ask all of you to share 3 things that someone could bring you that would make you smile.

A easy question for a relaxing Sunday.

Have fun with your answers and if you would like to guess at something that you could bring me to make me smile, feel free to share that as well.

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

The Perfect Planet

Many years ago I wrote a story about a group of people that lived on another planet. The story popped in my mind today so I thought I would write a little summary of it.

The planet was wonderful, for everyone got along. Life was perfect except for one problem that they all suffered from, but they made the best of it and still enjoyed life.  They all were friends. Then one day a stranger came to visit the planet, he said he was a Doctor. He promised everyone that he would enrich their lives and make everything better for them.  That he had a special antidote for the one problem that affected everyone on the planet. Obviously everyone was eager to take the antidote, for who wouldn’t want their lives made even better. No questions were asked as they all lined up excitedly for the injection that would change their lives. He promised them that when they woke up the next day that the antidote would have taken affect and their lives would be forever changed.

They woke up the next morning and he was right! The people were amazed! They couldn’t believe the difference, the antidote had worked. Everyone was so very happy as they reveled in the delight of being cured.

Sadly the happiness was short lived. Things started changing on the planet that once had been so wonderful.  People started fighting, who had never fought before. Children started losing friends as parents started not allowing them to play with all the friends that they had played with before.

Before everyone had trusted each other, but distrust started to sprout and soon spread like wildfire throughout the community. Where once there were large gatherings and people helped each other without being asked twice, there now were smaller clusters that started forming. Doors that used to be always open were now shut and locked as fear grew from the roots of distrust that had spread.

Where there once was peace and love there now was fighting and hatred.

What had happened? Why the change?

Little Tommy silently wept in his bed at night as he didn’t understand. He just knew that he really missed his best friend. It didn’t make any sense to him or his friend. Why were their parents suddenly afraid of each other. Their parents had been friends before as well, but now they looked at each other so suspiciously.

Their parents didn’t know that he and his friend had a secret hiding place that they met at whenever they had a chance to slip away. They also didn’t know that earlier that night  they had brought knives with them to their hiding place. They had cut themselves for they had to see. They had to know what color they would bleed. For Tommy was white and his friend was black, was that the color of their blood too?  They had pinched their eyes shut against the pain at first and then slowly opened them and were shocked by what they saw, they both had red blood running from their little cut. They weren’t so different after all. Should they tell their parents? Maybe then they would see!

Tommy closed his eyes as he said a prayer hoping that tomorrow would be a new day, that perhaps his parents would see. Not see with only their eyes. From what Tommy and his friends had been seeing, the joy of being able to actually see with their eyes had made the adults go crazy! Tonight Tommy prayed that his parents would see with their hearts!

Friday’s Super Short Stories with a Bonus!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned … sometimes they work out better!

Birthdays are a Blessing and should be celebrated no matter how old you get … just be careful with the candles!

Gifts aren’t necessary but its the thought behind them that makes them special!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would add a bonus story for today. It’s a longer story but I thought it would be extra appropriate today.

The following excerpt is from a story in “The Odessa Chronicles” that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is called “The Birthday Surprise” 

Aren’t birthdays special! In this story it was the man-servant’s birthday and Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon wanted to make it special for him, for that’s what friends do for each other right.  They wanted to send him on a vacation and after thinking about how they could manage that Odessa came up with an idea! Enjoy a peek into the story.

The Birthday Surprise

Odessa was jumping up and down. “It’s easy!” she said. “I’ve been flying over the nearby towns, and just recently, they’ve been releasing lots of balloons for some reason.”

Dewey looked at her in disbelief. “What do balloons have to do with the man-servant going on vacation?”

Odessa was still jumping up and down. “Look, Dewey, you’re a cat, so you don’t understand things like air currents, thermals, air travel, gravity, and all that stuff, but I do. We need to get a lot of those balloons, and we’ll soon have the man-servant on his way! Simple! What could possibly go wrong?”

The towns were too far away for Dewey and Jaxon, so they cleared a space in the barn near the roof, as Odessa instructed, and waited. It wasn’t long before they heard the familiar whoosh-whoosh and Odessa arrived with two balloons. Dewey and Jaxon watched in amazement as Odessa let go of them, and they rose gracefully up into the roof of the barn. By the end of that day, all three of them looked in awe at all the balloons that were up in the roof.

Dewey suddenly turned to Odessa. “That’s all very pretty, but how are they going to help us?”

Odessa gave a little grunt of frustration “I wish you were a Barn Owl. Talking to you would be so much easier. Look at those balloons. Don’t they give you any ideas? Have you no imagination?”

Jaxon then started hopping around excitedly. “I know!” he said. “I know! I know how it’s going to work!”

Odessa looked at him. “Good for you, Jaxon. Now, would you mind explaining it to this cat?”

Jaxon looked straight at Dewey. “Now concentrate, Dewey. Odessa brought all those balloons from the town, right?” Dewey nodded. “They don’t belong to us, right? Like, Odessa stole them, right?” Dewey nodded. “Well then, once we tell the man-servant what happened, he will want to take them all back to that town to return them. He can then have a vacation. Brilliant!”

The barn went very quiet as Dewey tried to make sense of what he had just heard. Meanwhile, Odessa had walked away, shaking her head and muttering something about being surrounded by idiots.

A few moments later, Odessa walked back to them. “Listen up you two! You may have no clue about much of anything, but you do have to understand what we are going to do here. This is my plan. We take all those strings hanging down from the balloons and tie them together. Then we all pull hard to bring the balloons down here, where we tie them to something really heavy … say that old tractor in the corner. Then we invite the man-servant over. We give him the balloon strings, cut the ties to the tractor, and then voila! Man-Servant will be able to fly with the balloons, and go wherever he wants to go. He’ll have a lovely adventure-filled vacation!”

Dewey had a big smile on his face, but Jaxon was looking serious. “I have one small question.”

“Okay.” said Odessa. “What part of my plan are you not understanding, Jaxon?”

“Well,” said Jaxon, “when we give him the balloons, and cut the ties on the tractor, the man-servant will fly upwards with the balloons, right?”

“Exactly!” said Odessa. “Now, if only Dewey could grasp that!”

But Jaxon hadn’t finished. “Odessa,” he said, “when the man-servant flies upwards, he’s going to hit the roof of this barn. How does he get himself out through the open door?”

Odessa look stunned for a moment. “Ah … mmm … well … I see you spotted my deliberate mistake, Jaxon. Congratulations! Of course, we need to get the balloons outside the barn before we give them to the man-servant.”

Jaxon was still not happy with Odessa’s plan. “Odessa,” he said again, “won’t the balloons fly away in whatever direction the wind is blowing?”

Odessa looked at him. “Well … yes, of course.”

“Well then,” continued Jaxon, “how will he know where he is going for his vacation, and how will he get back here?”

“Well,” said Odessa, “that’s a minor detail, which I shall have to work on. Give me a few minutes, but in the meantime, let’s get all those balloons tied to the old tractor.”

Are you curious?  What do you think may happen? Would love to hear your thoughts about the story.  If you would like to know what happens in this story and in many others just click on the image of “The Odessa Chronicles” in the column on the right.




The Splendorous Sky

We made it back from the beach last evening. As much as I did not want to leave the beach it is always nice to come home to those you love! My dear daughter really didn’t want to leave. At the last minute her work schedule changed and she wanted to join me and my friend Sherry. I am so glad she came,  she has liked the beach before but this time she caught the bug, the beach got into her soul. When you see sights like the following pictures, how can it not?

I was just so touched by the sunrise yesterday that I had to share it. To try to give you a glimpse of the beauty that was displayed right in front of us as we took our front row seats on the sand. These pictures were all taken within a hour as the sky kept changing.

Enjoy! For those who enjoy writing poetry, if these pictures inspire a poem I would love to hear it! Or perhaps they may inspire a short story which would be great to hear as well. If they make you smile and take a deep breath and feel relaxed for a moment in time that is the best. In this busy life we all need time outs and I can’t think of a better way to have a time out than to embrace the beauty of this wonderful world!










Tuesday’s Pictures

Sorry, no quotes for today but next Tuesday there will be some, that is if Sherry and I decide to leave the beach by then. Every time we come to the beach we look at each other and say, “Why haven’t we moved here yet!” LOL! But it is absolutely gorgeous weather! Can not believe it’s October! So thankful we came this week. Wish I could bring you all here through osmosis but I will share some pictures and you can pretend to feel like you are here breathing in the salt air. Have a wonderful day!