Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  A big Happy Birthday Shout out to my dear sister who is turning ….. today! 🙂 She always will be older than me,   and she always has my back , she is one who I couldn’t make it through this crazy world without! We share each other’s brain.  Love you Sis!

Love my family, love my friends, who are you thankful for today? Give them a shout out and let them know! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the quotes.


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4. a3baa953f156ed5282f2c315cf4d90c1

5. 3e6215d192c308481e0c89c9248bcc1b

6. ce112016621a3d4fc198564672cf022a

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8. 823c3debe3c845c856733289e340998d

9. acf63398a5faf5dd0356011977d44b12

10. e0c0477fc95f029948c5926e732cdc4c

28 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. #5 resonated with me and felt true. In nature, something always grows to fill an empty space, and so it makes sense that letting things go means something beautiful can grow there.


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