Friday’s Super Short Stories!

We complain that the tomato should have been sweeter in our sandwich and there should have been more meat in it …. while others would be happy for just a bite of bread!

We spend time loudly arguing about insignificant things … while there is a parent at the hospital pleading with God to save her child!

Sometimes looking at things in a different wayย  helps shed lightย  on a new perspective about what really matters in life!

(from Pinterest)

21 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Life seems sunnier in an instant when I acknowledge a few of the โ€œcloudsโ€ that are nowhere in sight.
    Aah . . . thatโ€™s better!

    “What a wonderful life Iโ€™ve had! I only wish Iโ€™d realized it sooner.” ~ Colette

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