A Moment in Time

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She walked down to the lake and watched the ripples move across the water. Breathed in the beauty of the kaleidoscope of colors.  Watched the leaves bending down to give the water a gentle kiss.

Sitting on a little cushion of leaves, she stared at the colorful reflections in the water, quietly reflecting on the deep things of her heart.

After some time had passed she rose and started to walk, listening to the leaves crunch underneath her feet. Savoring the beauty that at this moment was hers to enjoy.  She didn’t just look at it with her eyes , she let it sink into her soul.

Her heart felt free like a butterfly at this moment in time. She did not know what was to come, but she didn’t let that hold her back from embracing the moment. Right now, this very moment, she was going to let herself breathe. Breathe as she reminded herself that no matter what, there is always beauty to be found. An open heart is a window to the myriad of beauty that can be found, for us to enjoy, one breath at time.

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