Splat! Went the Pie!

I thought we would take a peek into what Jinx and Jangle are up too today. If you haven’t read any of my Jinx and Jangle stories before, here is a link to the last one. A Pancake Morning at the North Pole

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the seriousness of life and have a little fun. I hope you enjoy another tale about the crazy elves Jinx and Jangle.


Splat! Went the Pie!


Jinx and jangle had been working on some new toys for the past couple weeks. They were beginning to get tired, especially Jinx. The work day was almost over and Jinx could barely keep his eyes open any longer. At last Candy Cane rang the bell and it was time for the work day to end.

When they left the building and walked outside the cold wind went right through Jinx making him shiver. He had to admit  though that it did help to wake him up!  He quickened his pace to get back to his house.

“Hey Jinx, Jinx, stay there for a minute, I want to talk to you.”   Santa was calling to him as he came walking towards him.

Jinx had no choice but to wait, for you didn’t just walk away from Santa Clause! He stood there shivering, thinking he should have dressed warmer for the day. Santa soon was there and Jinx could see Santa’s breath as he talked.

“I would like you to plan the games for our Friday game night this week, okay? ”

Jinx smiled, Santa was actually putting him in charge of something, that was very cool. Sure he could plan some simple games. How hard could it be? With those thoughts running through his head he smiled and said,

“Sure Santa! I would love to!”

“Thanks Jinx, that is great! I look forward to seeing what games you come up with.”

Jinx had a thought, ” Could Jangle help me?”

Santa chuckled as he replied,  “Sure, the two of you can work on it together, they always say, 2 heads are better than 1.”

Jinx watched as Santa walked away and then went to find Jangle to tell him how they needed to put their brains together and get busy. This was going to be fun, he was sure of it. They finally had a turn to plan a game night, what could possibly go wrong?

Jangle was delighted to help Jinx out in planning games. They had fun and laughter as they planned and looked forward to Friday night coming.

Friday finally came and all the elves were excited for a fun night of games. Everyone was chattering in the game room until Jinx whistled for everyone’s attention.  When that didn’t work Santa let out his hearty “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and all the elves quieted down, for when Santa spoke everyone listened!

“Welcome to another exciting game night! Tonight’s games were planned by Jinx and Jangle, so please give them your attention as they explain the rules.”

Jinx thanked Santa and then spoke to the crowd of elves.

“Jangle and I had a lot of fun planning these games and we hope you enjoy them. You will need a sharp wit to beat them so good luck!  Oh and there may be some surprises that pop up in the games so beware!” Jinx laughed and then went on to explain each of the games and how they worked.

After all the rules were explained the first game started.  Jinx and Jangle watched with a twinkle in their eyes as their friends tried to guide each other through a big maze that they had made. The thing that made it harder was that each team of 2 had to answer questions before making a turn. If they didn’t answer right they had to go backwards. There also was a twist, where sometimes they had to ask a question, but it couldn’t be just any question it had to be the right one.

Oh Jangle and Jinx were laughing now. Frosty was the first one to get the surprise pie in the face! He turned the corner and “SPLAT!” Santa had been the one hiding around the corner. He loved the idea about throwing the pies. Santa was a jolly guy after all!

The merriment continued throughout the evening. After using their thinking skills in the maze, they used their physical skills in bouncing on a trampoline and seeing who could jump the highest.

Jangle turned to Jinx and said, “I think the night is going pretty well, don’t you?”

“Absolutely!” replied Jinx, with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“CLANG!”  Santa had came up behind Jinx and clanged some cymbals together making Jinx jump!

“Hey Jinx, I think you won the high jump and you didn’t even need a trampoline!”  Jangle patted him on the back as the other elves were laughing and cheering for him.

“Guess what! That means you win the prize! Remember the prize that you came up with?” Jangle asked, with a smirk on his face.

Santa let out a hearty chuckle as the other elves were waiting curiously to see what the prize was. Jinx’s face was getting red as he realized that Jangle and Santa had pulled one over on him.

“Splat!” right in the face!

“Does the whip cream taste good Jinx?”, Candy Cane called out from the laughing crowd.

At the end of the evening everyone agreed that it had been a wonderful night. Jangle and Jinx were cleaning up with help from Candy Cane and Frosty.

Candy Cane and Frosty were still laughing at Jinx about the whip cream prize. Frosty was laughing even harder since he had been one that had got hit by the whip cream in the maze game.

“What goes around, comes around Jinx!” said Frosty.

Jinx had to join in on the laughter as they all finished up and walked out into the night. Oh it had been a fun night. Time with crazy friends was always fun, even if things sometimes caught you by surprise and went “Splat!”








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