What’s in the Chest?

90b498b3c2d514946e44d5c3ced301b4A Mermaid Treasure chest from Pinterest


Jake was pacing back and forth anxiously. He was a naturally curious person and staring at this treasure chest in front of him was driving him crazy. His mind was bursting with ideas of what all may be inside.  Did it hold a lot inside of it, or just a few little things? He stopped pacing and just stared at it for awhile thinking back to when it had appeared on his front porch.

It had been a normal morning, he was going through his daily routine when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked outside and saw the mail truck. He opened the door and much to his surprise he saw the treasure chest sitting on the porch with his name on it. There was no return address on it which made him even more curious.  There was only a small card on top of the chest.  He opened the card, hoping for answers, but he only felt like he was smack dab in the middle of some mystery and had just read a fortune cookie!  “Life can be a treasure chest full of surprises!”

Time had passed and he still wasn’t any closer to having a clue as to how to unlock the chest.  He tried to unlock the chest so many different ways but nothing worked, it was sealed shut. At times he would forget about it, but then his curiosity would get the best of him once more and his mind would start to spin with questions about what the chest may contain. Would he like what was in the chest or would the contents make him blush? Plus who sent him the chest in the first place?  Who put the contents in the chest? Was the chest filled with things from his past that would bring back memories? Were there pictures in the chest that would make him smile?

The cuckoo clock chimed.  Maybe the chest would magically open on Halloween?  He tried to ask his friends if they knew anything about it, but they weren’t much help as they just smiled at him and said their lips were sealed.  He had to get ready to go. He took one more look at the chest. Tomorrow was another day. Maybe tomorrow some answers would come, maybe tomorrow he may find the key or perhaps he would receive something else in the mail that would give him a clue. A clue as to what the chest may contain. One never knows what tomorrow may hold!


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