Friday’s Super Short Stories!

A wild imagination can be quite useful when it comes to writing …. it can also be quite crazy in real life . Your child is 10 minutes late coming home … by minute 11 you already have 20 different scenarios in your head about what happened, including possible abduction by aliens!


You are home alone and a car pulls into your driveway. Either the FBI has tracked you down or its a gang of robbers … OH, then again it could just be turning around, as you watch it back out of your driveway. 

Imagination : Keeps the brain cells spinning!


A High Flying Adventure!

Dewey is your typical cat as in the fact that he likes to do his own thing, no matter what you may say. He will listen to you when you tell him his food is ready, but he may not always listen when you try to caution him about some things!

“The Odessa Chronicles” is filled with stories of the crazy adventures that Dewey and his friends get involved in.  Today I would like to share an excerpt from “The Odessa Chronicles”,  that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is about a high flying adventure that Dewey goes on.  When you have a Jackalope that can work magic, you never know what surprises may be in store! Enjoy!


Background: Jaxon had worked some magic which had enabled Dewey to fly, but how long would the magic last?. Dewey, being a typical cat, did not listen to any of the instructions from Jaxon and the man-servant, and flew away and out  of sight. Odessa was asleep in the barn on her roof beam when the man-servant woke her up …

** ***** **

When the man-servant and Jaxon realized that Dewey could soon be crashing into the ground, they decided to wake up Odessa. They both went into the barn and stood beneath her roof beam. “Odessa!” called the man-servant. “Odessa! Wake up!”

Odessa opened one eye and looked down at him. “What on earth is your problem?” she said. “I have been out all night, and this is my sleep time. Have you no respect for others?”

Jaxon then explained the magic that had enabled Dewey to fly. Odessa looked at him in disbelief. “You actually thought it would be a good idea to give a cat wings? What were you thinking? I guess that was the problem, as you were obviously not thinking!” Odessa then looked at the man-servant. “I guess you agreed to this insanity?”

The man-servant was feeling a little embarrassed. “Yes,” he said. “I thought it would be kind of interesting to see how Dewey got on with flying.”

Odessa paced up and down her roof beam, muttering something under her breath about being surrounded by idiots. She suddenly stopped and looked down at both of them. “Incredible!” she said. “We have a Jackalope with too much magic available to him, and a human who does not think things through too well! Incredible!”

The man-servant looked back up at Odessa. “We need your help, Odessa.”

“Yes, I can well imagine that you do, being as I am the only one here who can also fly! Don’t tell me … Dewey flew off and you have no idea where he is. Am I right?”

“You are quite right, Odessa,” said the man-servant.

“Of course, I am!” said Odessa. “I am a Barn Owl! You are a human, and Dewey’s a cat! Who needs to know anything else? Giving him the ability to fly was doomed from the moment you guys dreamed up the idea!”

The man-servant and Jaxon both apologized for waking up Odessa, and she slowly settled down. “I suppose you want me to find him, right?”

“Yes, please,” said the man-servant. “He took off over the fields in the general direction of the Big Water.”

Odessa suddenly looked very serious. “You guys do understand that if he tries to fly over the Big Water, he is not likely to be coming back. He is not designed for very efficient flying, and I doubt if he would get even halfway across. Anyway, I shall fly as high as I can, which should give me the best chance of seeing him. I cannot see it being that difficult to spot a flying cat.

** ***** **

What happens to Dewey?? The answer is just a click away. If you click on the image of “The Odessa Chronicles” over on the right margin  it will take you directly to the Amazon website, where you can order your own copy and find out the rest of the story.  You can also  travel through many other adventures with our friends as you let the pages take you to the most wonderful farm of all, Moonbeam Farm. The farm where friendship, laughter and adventures abound!

Into the Woods …. (Part 1)

Samantha entered the woods and she stopped for just a few short moments as she took in deep breaths of the air around her.  Had she finally made it?  Was she really here? She wanted to just sit down under a tree for awhile, but she knew she couldn’t.

The woods was always a special place for her, a place that calmed her mind and relaxed her spirit. There was no question, if there was ever a time she needed the peacefulness of the woods it was now. Her heart needed to breathe again.

There was a stillness in the air that was too still. Samantha didn’t hear any birds singing nor see any chipmunks or squirrels scampering up trees. In the distance she gasped as she saw a doe with its ears up. They stared at each other as neither one moved, and then in a flash the doe took off.

Samantha kept walking, her legs feeling like lead. She wondered how she even made it here. The time prior to her entering the woods was mostly a blur.  She  remembered the feeling that her lungs were urgently craving oxygen and the desire she had to run as fast and as hard as she could to the woods.

How did she manage to run so far? Running was never her thing! Questions circled around in her brain as she kept walking.

Less than 24 hours ago everything seemed so normal. It was just another routine day at work. She had left work and had to stop for gas, for she was really close to running on empty! There was only one other car at the gas station, it stood out to Samantha for it was a cute punch bug that was a lovely shade of blue. A different shade than Samantha had ever seen before, she wasn’t quite sure what to call it, but it was pretty!

A real classy lady had stepped out of the car dressed to the T. She lowered her shades as she stared at Samantha when she was pumping gas. Samantha was eager to finish pumping for the lady was giving her a very odd feeling.

The memory started fading as Samantha kept walking and then … she tripped over a log and fell face forward into a hole! Screaming she landed with a thud and her arm was pinned underneath her. She screamed again as the weight of the bag that she had been carrying landed fully on her back.

What a hole she got herself into this time!  How was she ever going to get herself out?

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

17 years ago today was a day that so many of us will never forget! 17 years ago the day started out in a normal way for so many but was a day that changed so many lives forever. Say “I Love You!” to the ones who are so special to you. Give that hug! Embrace the moment that you have! Also let us remember how the world came together on that terrible day 17 years ago. For a moment in time we were all united! There were nothing dividing us, we saw each others hearts, not their skin color, not their religion, but their hearts! We need to see the hearts of others again.

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When the Rain Falls …

 I never know where inspiration from a post may come from. A lot of times it has come from simple conversations shared with others. Today’s post was inspired by an early morning conversation today with a blogger friend of mine. Her name is Gina and she lives in Malaysia. I love how I can connect with people from all over the world by blogging. While I was talking about how it is expected to rain all week here, she was telling me how their Monsoon season has just begun.

I have read about Monsoon seasons before and have thought of how I can’t imagine such a long period of continuous rain.  It sounded so dreary to me.  After “chatting” this morning  with Gina, I saw another side to the Monsoon season. Isn’t it great how others can provide us with a different way to look at things. I love what we can learn when our minds are open, whether it be big or small things, it can be rewarding! Does a time come to your mind of when you were led to thinking about something a little differently than you had before?  Or perhaps a time when your perspective helped to open up someone else’s mind? 

Another day of rain here and we complain, while in a land far away the Monsoon season has just begun. Raining every day,  the season when the sun rarely shines.  We aren’t talking about days or even a week, we are talking about months! Yet as my friend talked about it, she described the beauty one can find in it.  Beauty in continuous rain? That was a new thought to me, but I couldn’t deny the contentment that I heard in her words and it made me smile.

She talked about drinking Chai Tea and reading books, while listening to the rain fall.  She talked about the peace and simple joy there could be in watching the raindrops fall from the sky.  Thunder storms were described with awe by her.  How the sky lights up with a brilliant light show as the thunder booms and the lightning cracks.  The lightning she said is “amazing” to watch. She talked about it in such a way that I found myself looking out my window wanting a thunderstorm to come along with the falling rain. The sun may be hidden from view where my friend lives, but she has chosen to find it in her heart, as she sits back and embraces the rain. 

In our life we can’t always stop the “rain” from falling, but we can control how we react to it. We can seek the beauty in it and we may just be surprised at what we find.  We also never know who we may be able to inspire as others watch how we handle life when the thunder rolls.







Sunday’s Sunny Smiles!

Happy Sunday! It has been raining cats and dogs here once again, but my thoughts are with others down South who are preparing for a hurricane. Prayers for all those who are in the path of the hurricane.

The sun may be hard to see for a lot of us along the East Coast in the States , but smiles can spread sunshine and smiles can be shared in any kind of weather!

What is a way that you have spread sunshine? Share below an example of something you have done or said that has made someone smile.  Or feel free to share a quote,  or a picture that you know will bring some smiles. Keep spreading the joy and helping the “storm clouds” in life be covered by the sun!



The Forever Sunflowers


The sunflowers were wilting, their fallen leaves lying on the counter. A half of an apple laying next to them.

The sunflowers that once were sunny and bright were now hanging down.

The door swung open, “Mom! Mom! Where are you?”

“I am in the laundry room trying not to be buried by the mountain of clothes!”

“I need to go out to the store tonight, need a science calculator….and…

“Mom, Mom! I need my work clothes!” Kelly came running into the laundry room as her Mom took the folded clothes out of the basket and handed them to her.

“Thanks Mom, love you!”

“Mom! I’m hungry, there is no food!” Ryan yelled from the kitchen.

Mom walked in the kitchen as she was telling Kari that she would pick up the calculator tonight when running other errands.

“The last time I looked our cupboards were not bare, I am not Mother Hubbard! I think I see your apple sitting next to the sunflowers.”

Later that night when everyone was home they relaxed outside and sat around the fire, enjoying the time together. Friends came over and there was laughter and smiles that spread around the circle of love.

Much later that night, the friends went home and the family members made their way to  bed.  Smiles in their hearts as they went to sleep. Smiles from the love of family and friends, sunflowers in the heart that never died!

All  was silent except for the stars sharing secrets as they twinkled at each other and the moon humming a love song to the sun.


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The love of a pet is an all natural, no side effects, amazing therapy for the heart!

The heart that blooms sunflowers spreads warmth to all!

For the 3rd story here is something a little different. How would you finish the the little story below? There is no wrong answer! Have fun! 🙂

“She walked into the mysterious house, that was beautifully decorated. One room especially intrigued her as she walked in. She tripped over something that was lying on the floor and fell against the wall. The wall moved! It was a secret passage into …..


Celebrating the Moment

It was the end of summer,  and the heat was not wanting to let go! Trisha had taken her children to the park that morning for them to play in the big sprinkler that was there. She had joined in with them for a little, for you are never too old to dance under a sprinkler. Now she was sitting on the bench letting the sun dry her clothing as she watched her children and listened to the joyful shrieks coming from them and the other children at play.

She looked around at  some of the other adults sitting on the benches. One was talking on her phone, the other one had her laptop out and was typing away on it. Another lady was typing furiously on her phone.

She watched as their kids came to them begging them to come play in the sprinkler. Sadly each parent had shook their head “No” , as they quickly went back to what they were doing. Trisha didn’t even think they noticed the dejected look in the eyes of their children.

Trisha’s clothes were almost dry, but she found herself heading back to the sprinkler. Her children saw her coming and squealed as their little faces lit up with smiles.  She wanted to freeze that look in her mind. The look of joy in her children’s eyes. A look of joy that wasn’t there because of getting the newest toy, but a look of joy simply because their Mommy was giving them a  very precious gift. The gift of her time. A gift that Trisha needed to remember about more often. She let out a big yell as she ran into the sprinkler, grabbing their hands and dancing with them.

Her yell had made the one Mom look up from her phone and stare at Trisha. Their eyes met and the other Mom smiled.  She put her phone down and started walking towards the sprinkler. Trisha saw  a little girl go running towards her and she watched as the Mom picked her up and spun her around. They laughed together as the water sprayed them.

Trisha’s heart smiled, life was good! It deserved to be celebrated and she realized how sometimes her actions may be the nudge that others need. She let out another shriek, making her children laugh,  as the cold water hit her back

Suddenly the azure blue sky turned very dark and the clouds burst open as the rain poured down.  Trisha heard a sharp yell from the one woman who had been so furiously typing away on her phone before. She saw the phone slip from the woman’s  hands and hit the pavement. The other Mom who had the laptop was frantically calling to her kids to hurry as she tried to slide the laptop into its case.

Trisha gave her children a hug as she watched the other parents practically dragging their children along with them, in their hurry to get out of the rain.

She hugged her children tight  and they spun around once more. Yes, she was getting soaked, but she didn’t mind, for right now her heart was soaking in the moment and making precious memories.




Tuesday’s Thoughts

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start! We had a nice relaxing Labor Day yesterday. It was bright and sunny yesterday and when it got cooler in the evening we took the dogs and went on a hike. It was a lovely time and then when we came home we sat out underneath the stars by the fire roasting marshmallows. Perfect way to end the day.

Enjoy the quotes, have a great day and remember to take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature!

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