Hitting the Road

The house is quiet and still, the bags are packed and all is set. It’s been a busy day as we were getting ready for leaving tomorrow morning for the mountains of North Carolina. No, their mountains don’t compare to Colorado’s mountains, but they still are very beautiful.

We are making a quick trip to visit my husband’s grandma, who lives with his aunt and uncle, in a beautiful spot nestled down in the mountains. They are all so precious and his grandma is always wanting us to come down, so we try to get down there when we can. Last year she suffered a stroke. We are all very thankful she is still with us, but she hasn’t been the same since the stroke and it just reminds us more of how precious time is.

Wanted to let all of you know that if you don’t see a post from me over the next few days that nothing is wrong, just relaxing in the mountains and being “unplugged”.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and may none of you get a nail in your tire! Yes, my husband was checking the air in the tires, like he always does before a trip, and he found a nail. It was an unexpected visit to the tire place to fix the hole, but we are just thankful he found it today, before we ended up with a flat tire.

May all your travels be safe this weekend. No flat tires,Β  just a smooth ride! Oh, and in case any of you are concerned about us traveling because of the magnetic attraction the van has to objects don’t worry! The magnetism apparently isΒ  de-activated when my husband drives. Strange, isn’t it! Just one of those mysterious things.




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