Special Moments

Writing “The Odessa Chronicles” with Colin has been an adventure from the very beginning and it continues to be! The book may be finished, but now the job of promoting it is upon us. I have been enjoying doing story time readings at local libraries with children. Their smiles melt my heart.

I had a 9 year old girl come up to me wanting to know how we came up with the characters in the book. That is one question that can always be interesting to answer.  She then went on to tell me how  she writes and that she hopes to be an author someday. I was glad to be able to give her a hug and a word of encouragement  about following her dream.

There was an older lady who pulled me aside after story time, to share some words with me. Her smile was so warm as she took my hand and said how the stories intrigued her. She went on to say that she  wanted to offer her encouragement to Colin and me to not stop writing. How could we not be touched by those words?

These kind of encounters are what its all about. About putting smiles on the faces of others and adding some joy to their hearts. Its a reward all of its own to be able to do that!

Surprises happen at these story times too. A couple weeks ago a lady came up to talk to me. She mentioned that she absolutely loves Barn Owls! She then asked if I lived on a farm and I said “No”, she asked if I had ever seen Barn Owls and I said “No”. I also had to tell her that I didn’t own a cat. Do you see the pattern to these answers? For some reason she did not ask me whether I owned a Jackalope.

I was getting a little worried though about what her next question may be, for I didn’t want to have to say “No” again.  I didn’t have to worry, because what she said next was not a question. Instead she told me something that made my eyes light up. She told me how they have an old rustic barn on their property and there is a family of Barn Owls that live in it! How exciting!

What are the odds that I would meet someone that has a family of Barn Owls?  She talked about how her family enjoys listening  to them chatter to each other at night.  I was listening to her and wanting to be in the barn with  the owls. I may not have been real fascinated with owls before I wrote this book, but Odessa sure had a way of changing that!

Stay tuned, for I may have a post to share about a possible upcoming visit to the barn. You just never know what may happen, what magic Jaxon might weave,  when you share stories about the gang from Moonbeam Farm!



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