Into the Wood … (Part 2)

Here is a link to Part one, in case you missed it. Into the Woods …. (Part 1)

Samantha laid there feeling the dampness of the ground sinking  through her clothing. She tried to move her arm and though it hurt she did manage to slip it out from under her, fortunately she didn’t think she had broken it. Slowly she stood up and gazed upwards at the shaft of light coming in. She had fallen quite a way down, how was she ever supposed to climb out? There had to be another way for her to get out.

Samantha tried yelling for help until her throat was raw. She did manage to attract the attention of 2 rabbits and a deer looking down into the hole at her. She  smiled as she thought to herself how nice it was to see Thumper and Bambi.  Her happy feeling was mixed with relief that Bambi and Thumper’s friend, Flower was not also staring down the hole at her. She definitely did not need a skunk to spray any of its “perfume” into the hole!  They watched her for a little while and then ran away to find something more interesting to do.

It wouldn’t be daylight for much longer so she had to find some way out.  Samantha was not feeling too keen about spending the night trapped in a hole. There was a tunnel ahead of her and though she was a little worried about where it might lead, she decided to check it out. It wasn’t like there were a whole lot of other possibilities for her to choose from in order to find a way out. Why were holes always so much easier to fall into than to get out of?

She stood in one spot for just a little thinking. It would probably get darker as she walked farther away, but sometimes you just had to take a deep breath and take a step forward and so she did.

Gradually her fear started fading and she gained more confidence with each step she took. There was a relieved feeling that so far nothing had jumped out of her as she rounded the corners.  She really hoped that if an animal did happen to share this hole with her, that it would be a cute bunny and not any creepy crawly creatures.

How long was this tunnel? She would have thought that surely she would have  found another opening by now leading out of the tunnel, but the tunnel appeared to be endless. She was afraid she was just going to come to a dead end and have to turn around the way she came, which would mean that she would be back to square one!

Samantha suddenly stopped in her tracks.  It had just dawned on her that she had left that heavy bag back where she had fallen. She had taken it off her back when she stood up and had forgotten about it. Should she go back and retrieve it in case this tunnel would lead to a way out? Did she really need the bag?  Taking a little time to think she came to a decision. She continued walking on, letting curiosity lead as the thought of her bag fell to the back of her mind.

While she walked she was trying to remember again all the events that happened before she entered the woods. Why did she run into the woods? What was she running from? She wished her brain wasn’t so hazy when it came to remembering details.

Oh No! Her heart sank! Straight ahead of her was what she feared … a dead end! A wall of dirt. She would have to turn around, but then what?  Fatigue overcame her and she felt the need to sit down. Adrenaline had been building in her at the anticipation of the tunnel leading to a way out,but now it was gone. She sat down with her back against the wall as she let out a big sigh of frustration.

Suddenly the wall gave away and she felt herself fall backwards.  Once she caught her breath she scrambled to her feet  and she was shocked by what she saw!

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