A High Flying Adventure!

Dewey is your typical cat as in the fact that he likes to do his own thing, no matter what you may say. He will listen to you when you tell him his food is ready, but he may not always listen when you try to caution him about some things!

“The Odessa Chronicles” is filled with stories of the crazy adventures that Dewey and his friends get involved in.  Today I would like to share an excerpt from “The Odessa Chronicles”,  that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is about a high flying adventure that Dewey goes on.  When you have a Jackalope that can work magic, you never know what surprises may be in store! Enjoy!


Background: Jaxon had worked some magic which had enabled Dewey to fly, but how long would the magic last?. Dewey, being a typical cat, did not listen to any of the instructions from Jaxon and the man-servant, and flew away and out  of sight. Odessa was asleep in the barn on her roof beam when the man-servant woke her up …

** ***** **

When the man-servant and Jaxon realized that Dewey could soon be crashing into the ground, they decided to wake up Odessa. They both went into the barn and stood beneath her roof beam. “Odessa!” called the man-servant. “Odessa! Wake up!”

Odessa opened one eye and looked down at him. “What on earth is your problem?” she said. “I have been out all night, and this is my sleep time. Have you no respect for others?”

Jaxon then explained the magic that had enabled Dewey to fly. Odessa looked at him in disbelief. “You actually thought it would be a good idea to give a cat wings? What were you thinking? I guess that was the problem, as you were obviously not thinking!” Odessa then looked at the man-servant. “I guess you agreed to this insanity?”

The man-servant was feeling a little embarrassed. “Yes,” he said. “I thought it would be kind of interesting to see how Dewey got on with flying.”

Odessa paced up and down her roof beam, muttering something under her breath about being surrounded by idiots. She suddenly stopped and looked down at both of them. “Incredible!” she said. “We have a Jackalope with too much magic available to him, and a human who does not think things through too well! Incredible!”

The man-servant looked back up at Odessa. “We need your help, Odessa.”

“Yes, I can well imagine that you do, being as I am the only one here who can also fly! Don’t tell me … Dewey flew off and you have no idea where he is. Am I right?”

“You are quite right, Odessa,” said the man-servant.

“Of course, I am!” said Odessa. “I am a Barn Owl! You are a human, and Dewey’s a cat! Who needs to know anything else? Giving him the ability to fly was doomed from the moment you guys dreamed up the idea!”

The man-servant and Jaxon both apologized for waking up Odessa, and she slowly settled down. “I suppose you want me to find him, right?”

“Yes, please,” said the man-servant. “He took off over the fields in the general direction of the Big Water.”

Odessa suddenly looked very serious. “You guys do understand that if he tries to fly over the Big Water, he is not likely to be coming back. He is not designed for very efficient flying, and I doubt if he would get even halfway across. Anyway, I shall fly as high as I can, which should give me the best chance of seeing him. I cannot see it being that difficult to spot a flying cat.

** ***** **

What happens to Dewey?? The answer is just a click away. If you click on the image of “The Odessa Chronicles” over on the right margin  it will take you directly to the Amazon website, where you can order your own copy and find out the rest of the story.  You can also  travel through many other adventures with our friends as you let the pages take you to the most wonderful farm of all, Moonbeam Farm. The farm where friendship, laughter and adventures abound!

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    • Thanks for your kind words! This piece was actually written by Colin my co-author, he has a wonderful way with words too! It was such a fun book to write together. Thanks for sharing and hmmm….I do wonder what happened to Dewey?? 🙂 LOL!

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