Into the Woods …. (Part 1)

Samantha entered the woods and she stopped for just a few short moments as she took in deep breaths of the air around her.  Had she finally made it?  Was she really here? She wanted to just sit down under a tree for awhile, but she knew she couldn’t.

The woods was always a special place for her, a place that calmed her mind and relaxed her spirit. There was no question, if there was ever a time she needed the peacefulness of the woods it was now. Her heart needed to breathe again.

There was a stillness in the air that was too still. Samantha didn’t hear any birds singing nor see any chipmunks or squirrels scampering up trees. In the distance she gasped as she saw a doe with its ears up. They stared at each other as neither one moved, and then in a flash the doe took off.

Samantha kept walking, her legs feeling like lead. She wondered how she even made it here. The time prior to her entering the woods was mostly a blur.  She  remembered the feeling that her lungs were urgently craving oxygen and the desire she had to run as fast and as hard as she could to the woods.

How did she manage to run so far? Running was never her thing! Questions circled around in her brain as she kept walking.

Less than 24 hours ago everything seemed so normal. It was just another routine day at work. She had left work and had to stop for gas, for she was really close to running on empty! There was only one other car at the gas station, it stood out to Samantha for it was a cute punch bug that was a lovely shade of blue. A different shade than Samantha had ever seen before, she wasn’t quite sure what to call it, but it was pretty!

A real classy lady had stepped out of the car dressed to the T. She lowered her shades as she stared at Samantha when she was pumping gas. Samantha was eager to finish pumping for the lady was giving her a very odd feeling.

The memory started fading as Samantha kept walking and then … she tripped over a log and fell face forward into a hole! Screaming she landed with a thud and her arm was pinned underneath her. She screamed again as the weight of the bag that she had been carrying landed fully on her back.

What a hole she got herself into this time!  How was she ever going to get herself out?

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