Sunday’s Sunny Smiles!

Happy Sunday! It has been raining cats and dogs here once again, but my thoughts are with others down South who are preparing for a hurricane. Prayers for all those who are in the path of the hurricane.

The sun may be hard to see for a lot of us along the East Coast in the States , but smiles can spread sunshine and smiles can be shared in any kind of weather!

What is a way that you have spread sunshine? Share below an example of something you have done or said that has made someone smile.Β  Or feel free to share a quote,Β  or a picture that you know will bring some smiles. Keep spreading the joy and helping the “storm clouds” in life be covered by the sun!



32 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sunny Smiles!

  1. I gave opportunity for someone else to smile and feel good about himself today. What did I do? I thankfully let him jump my car battery so it would start! Yes, I was the receiver of the blessing, but I do believe he enjoyed being helpful to me. I stopped to get gas then my car wouldn’t start. He saw my plight and helped me out. I am thankful also to the Lord for such a quick rescue!

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    • Oh that was so sweet of you, for pictures are such a wonderful thing! Glad I can bring happy thoughts your way and thanks for the prayers . Hurricanes can be so devastating. They are comparing this coming one to Hugo which was way back in 1989. It was really bad! I am glad that we don’t have to worry about hurricanes where we live BUT I really do feel for those who do.
      We are supposed to get record amounts of rainfall this week due to it.

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      • thank you Carolyn, yes she was happy and the photos were a treasure to her. It felt good to see my mum happy. I have read how treacherous they can be and hope everyone stays safe. lots if rain here too now, the monsoon is very present. we experience serious flooding sometimes.


  2. I got to notice my new neighbor sitting quietly this week. When she looked up I waved politely meant to keep walking and then noticed her step towards the fence. She’d been weeping. Felt overwhelmed by all that needed to be done on her new property. I was able to tell her the whole area is already impressed with how much her family has done with that property. When she walked away she was smiling and her steps appeared lighter. God’s timing is amazing.

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