Celebrating the Moment

It was the end of summer,  and the heat was not wanting to let go! Trisha had taken her children to the park that morning for them to play in the big sprinkler that was there. She had joined in with them for a little, for you are never too old to dance under a sprinkler. Now she was sitting on the bench letting the sun dry her clothing as she watched her children and listened to the joyful shrieks coming from them and the other children at play.

She looked around at  some of the other adults sitting on the benches. One was talking on her phone, the other one had her laptop out and was typing away on it. Another lady was typing furiously on her phone.

She watched as their kids came to them begging them to come play in the sprinkler. Sadly each parent had shook their head “No” , as they quickly went back to what they were doing. Trisha didn’t even think they noticed the dejected look in the eyes of their children.

Trisha’s clothes were almost dry, but she found herself heading back to the sprinkler. Her children saw her coming and squealed as their little faces lit up with smiles.  She wanted to freeze that look in her mind. The look of joy in her children’s eyes. A look of joy that wasn’t there because of getting the newest toy, but a look of joy simply because their Mommy was giving them a  very precious gift. The gift of her time. A gift that Trisha needed to remember about more often. She let out a big yell as she ran into the sprinkler, grabbing their hands and dancing with them.

Her yell had made the one Mom look up from her phone and stare at Trisha. Their eyes met and the other Mom smiled.  She put her phone down and started walking towards the sprinkler. Trisha saw  a little girl go running towards her and she watched as the Mom picked her up and spun her around. They laughed together as the water sprayed them.

Trisha’s heart smiled, life was good! It deserved to be celebrated and she realized how sometimes her actions may be the nudge that others need. She let out another shriek, making her children laugh,  as the cold water hit her back

Suddenly the azure blue sky turned very dark and the clouds burst open as the rain poured down.  Trisha heard a sharp yell from the one woman who had been so furiously typing away on her phone before. She saw the phone slip from the woman’s  hands and hit the pavement. The other Mom who had the laptop was frantically calling to her kids to hurry as she tried to slide the laptop into its case.

Trisha gave her children a hug as she watched the other parents practically dragging their children along with them, in their hurry to get out of the rain.

She hugged her children tight  and they spun around once more. Yes, she was getting soaked, but she didn’t mind, for right now her heart was soaking in the moment and making precious memories.




12 thoughts on “Celebrating the Moment

  1. Yes! I have played in the rain; made angels in the snow; walked across a creek fully clothed; kicked up leaves (it makes steam loco noises) in the Fall …. and generally done a lot of things that have received strange and possibly disapproving looks. I do them anyway because it makes me, and those with me, happy. Judging by the looks on some people’s faces, they are not happy ………. so I win!!!!!!! 🙂

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