The Special Gift

Gina is a wonderful blogger from  and she has posted a fun challenge. Her challenge has been to spread joy by sharing in 100 words or less about a time that you made someone happy.  Feel free to join in with the challenge.  Spreading joy is always a good thing!

I am blessed often by others in making my heart smile. In fact examples kept coming to my mind of how others have made me happy, so I am going to divert a little from the rules and spread the joy by sharing an example that came to my mind.

The Special Gift

 I was in the hospital, back in 2012.  The  Doctor’s all agreed that something was wrong, but no one knew what it was. It was a scary, frustrating time.  It was also the week before Christmas. I wanted to be home!

One night I was especially upset after I had said goodbye to my family.  I so badly wanted to go home with them. I belonged with them. I broke down as soon as they walked out of my room.  My spirit was worn, the tears were flowing.  The phone rang.  It was my sister. She knew it was late but she felt the urge to call. We talked through my tears and my heart was lifted. She gave the gift of her time.

The gift of your time is a priceless gift that I  have treasured from many. That night, it was from my sister, and a night I won’t forget.



16 thoughts on “The Special Gift

  1. i thought of my sister and her phone calls just when i needed it most, thank you for writing in to the challenge, this story is so precious to me. i am glad i have you in my reader or i would have missed this story as the pingback only works to a specific post not to my blog, thank you Carolyn!


  2. This proves a point I make to myself. Even if a friend is sad, or depressed, or ill, and says she wants to be left alone, DON’T leave her alone. Call. Send cards (that’s my go-to – I love sending cards and hear that they make a friend smile). Ring on the doorbell and leave a plate of cookies.
    Yay to your sister. And you. I want to know the rest of the story. Did you get out of the hospital in time for Christmas?

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    • Cards are so wonderful! I love sending them too and receiving them, especially in today’s world where it seems technology takes over and people don’t send cards as much. Great that you do! Plate of cookies is always nice too!
      I did get out of the hospital in time for Christmas, a couple days before. 🙂 It was an extra special Christmas that year, as I held my loved ones close. ❤


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